Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Love Frequency – Moving From “Me” To “We”. – 3 June 2012

Since June first it feels like the readings have once again become something out of a sci-fi movie.  The look, the feel even the understandings would make such a great sci-fi setting.  The only difference is, I know what I see and understand is very real.  The biggest hazard (for lack of a better word) with reading the Light of both soul and matter is putting it all into discernible words… an explanation that would help make sense as it applies to your (and our) life.

I also understand, that we as a species, must process the incoming information and then integrate it into what we currently understand.

So with all that said, I am going to break down what I do understand to date, and simply give you the visuals I don’t understand yet, so we can expand on them each day as we go along.

One of the most important features of right now is that Tight Rope / High Wire thingie.  Thru my first reading yesterday I understood that it is actually a frequency band of energy, made of sound waves.  How?  I have no flipping clue, science and me never really got along in this lifetime.   I just (am starting to) understand what I see and feel and attempt to explain it in the only way I know how to.

We do know that everything in life is a series of vibrations, all vibrations emit a sound wave.  This tight rope thing is a brand new (to this realm of existent) mixture of sound… of vibration within time and space.  Even as I write that sentence, what I hear is it will also be the very vibration that allows us to separate time from space.   To truly achieve all that we are absolutely capable of achieving we must become the most astute students of the universe… ever and together!!

One person is not going to be able to do it alone.  That would take away from the game itself.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I have developed a new pet peeve within myself (smile)… a peeve that I cannot seem to shake.  The words of description that say “me” or “I”.

We absolutely must get out of the singularity of everything.  We are truly a “we” and to achieve our greatest potential we must become a “we” in all we do.

Take something as simple as this (almost) daily blog I put out.  If there was not a person standing in the field of Light reflecting our potential, and a spiritual team sitting within me every day helping us to understand it all… there would be no daily blog at all.  YOU are the source of Light, my inner team is the source of understanding.  I simply type and add in an occasional Holy Shit!!

WE… create this blog every day!!  WE assimilate, together.

We have talked over the last few months about our magnetic light field… that golden energy dome in the center of our Life.  That magnetic field holds a resonancy that is either going to flip you to the tight rope area of place you in a field of resonance (that rewriting of the grid that was talked about yesterday.)

I also have to share this understanding too, mostly because the visual is being repeated for me to share (pesky spirit!)

I see us wonderful humans on a conveyor belt of sorts, each person standing behind another.  Each one getting a dose of this massive light wave we are all within as they reach (what appears to be) the front of the line on this conveyor belt.  This is a really important aspect to remember as we watch various folks go in various directions.  Every single person on this planet is at a vibratory frequency, understanding and point in time and space that serves the All.

From what I am understanding, as this world of matter is very much a place of needed processing, if everyone suddenly woke up into the field of absolute truth and Light, we, as a planet would melt down.

There will come a time…. not today or tomorrow…. we will all play and dance in the field of truth and light, but getting from here to there… an amazing process of working together!!

These next three-four days are going to be energetically intense.  For those at the forward most area of this conveyor belt, it feels like it is not only world splitting… but equally turning your personal world upside down.

In two of four readings yesterday that were shown in the tight rope area, the lunar eclipse (tomorrow) seemed to serve as a split, or a crack in the energetic reality of those there on the tight rope.  The Venus transit seemed to serve to bring all that high intensity energy of blue and violet oozing out of their Light Bodies.  Both people turned upside down.  One split in half and hung on the right rope like a bat… the other seemed to be a really good acrobat and when she was suddenly pinged upside down from the Venus Transit energy, she caught the tight rope with her hands and learned to walk in a new way… on her hands instead of her feet.

That seemed to be the apitimy of the message… learning to walk, to live in a new way.  Of course, spirit has been sending out that message for the last month or two.

With my first client yesterday as well, weird really took a front seat to these readings.  I pulled her into the house to take a look at her body and walk her forward day by day in our timeline… her entire backside, head to tailbone had this huge gold and silver zipper on it.  So I unzipped it from her head to about the heart chakra.  I swear to god she could have been a part in the movie “Alien.”  These intensely blue and violet tentacles started wiggling about from her spine.  Talk about a Holy Shit moment!! lol

Sometimes… often times, I am so shocked, so surprised by a visual I loose the connection to understand what I am seeing.  She and her moving tentacles was one of those moments!

What I understand is happening, to many, is the emergence of our field of harvest, the energy silo’s I have been talking about, as an integrated network of energy within us.  We are still in the growth process for sure.  June and July will have us finding form and connections to the others.

As I walked her forward and seen her ping on up to that high wire thingie, I realized that is caused by our magnetic field.  We have worked so hard to get into this alignment that there is no way of missing it.  Phew… that is (almost) good to know!!

As I looked into her future from the high wire, I was somewhere between the middle of June to the 3rd week of June and it got really strange, really really sci-fi from there!!  The high wire seemed to have its own tentacles, very much like the ones I had seen on/in her back.  They seemed to stretch out from left and right and connected to what looked like saucers of fuzzy white energy.

What I understand (today) are these fuzzy white saucers are other “pods of people, all interconnected by these tentacle things.  A true and genuine relay system… a living network of communication.

Suddenly I hear my beloved Franklyn, my daddy from the Pleiades talking about the Love Frequency.

No wonder the Venus (planet of love) is where this Love Frequency takes form.

Today I am going to leave you with that thought.  I woke up so groggy, with a dull headache and I swear I picked up my lovely ladies energy tentacles as my entire back feels achy and wavy.

I will be putting together a father’s day special.  I thought long and hard about what to offer and then it hit me!!  Chalcopyrite AKA Peacock Ore.  I have seen June and July for a while now with blue and violet energy, peacock ore is a breathtaking stone of very reflective blue and violet energy created from the tarnishing of copper!

The metaphysical values, besides being called “The Stone of Happiness” is:

The name “Chalcopyrite” is derived from the Greek words chalkos, “copper” and pyrites, “strike fire”.

This mineral increases your perceptive abilities. It assists you in pulling ethereal energy to you to bring information to you and others.

Peacock ore can be used to break up energy blockages and can open up and cleanse the Crown Chakra. It makes an excellent meditation stone.

Every person who has purchased a 30 minute or longer reading since June 1st will also receive this stone…. and more.

With ohhhhh so much love, honor and science fiction reality to All!!


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