Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Face Of God – 4 June – 2012

God said:

If only you would regard yourself as beautiful, you would revolve in the world differently, and you would give tribute to the world. And the world will revolve differently because of you. The rhythm of the world will change. The world will transform itself according to how you see yourself and, therefore, how you see the world.

When I speak of you as beautiful, I speak of the beauty of you that is the heart of you.

Science has shown that how you look at a molecule affects the molecule. Well, how do you think how you look at yourself affects you?

Come to like yourself. You must. Come to see yourself as I, the clear-eyed One, sees you. Let Us have no disagreement in this matter. I say you are beautiful. Believe Me. You are the beauty of My Heart. You are My beautiful, My beautiful beautiful Child of Love. You are My beautiful beloved. Be Mine. You ARE Mine. I would only create Beauty. I am an artist of a Creator. You are My beautiful Creation. You are My Work of Art.

The world can call you anything it chooses, yet you must call yourself beautiful, for so I created you.

You are My love shaped on a lathe, as it were. You are My finished product who continues to complete himself or herself. You fill in some colors, not like rouge, but as radiance. You are a radiant Being of God whose beauty is Eternal and Infinite. Your beauty is a given.

From now on, know you are beautiful. Accept that you are beautiful. Then you will radiate beauty to the world. The world needs to see your beauty and come to know its own.

No longer are you to put yourself down, not to Me, not to you, not to anybody. I certify you beautiful. I put a stamp on you that says: “God’s Creation can only be beautiful. Here is a beautiful Being of God, given a holy task to emanate God’s Beauty. This person is up to the task. Signed and sealed, God.”

Of course, this is no task at all. There is nothing to it. All you have to do is to know yourself as beautiful so everyone else in the world will be blessed with your beauty and come to know its own. Blessed be the beauty of My creation. Blessed be your heart. Blessed be your light, for it is Mine.

You are My Light radiant in its beauty. You are My beauty personified. You are My Beauty.

Never again will you place yourself in a corner. No longer will you cover your face with a veil. You are the Face of God, so be it.

No longer deny yourself to yourself. For what purpose? This not modesty. This is a twist of ego. Ego says: “How can it possibly be that you are beautiful? You may even be the most unbeautiful of all. Take pride in this. You are not just unbeautiful. You are singularly unbeautiful. Don’t kid yourself. I know you too well.”

Ego has your concept of yourself well wrapped around its little finger. Ego puts you down so it, ego, can stick around.

Choose Beauty or choose ego. Choose to aid and abet Me. Choose Truth or musty illusion. Choose God. Choose love. Choose beauty. Claim it. Know from where you come. Be established in the love from which you come. Enough of ego. Come now to more of God. Come. Meet Me as I meet you. link to original article


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