Lucas – More Crisis EU/ Euro zone – 4 June 2012

In the growing crisis in the Euro zone and EU the news follows quickly.

The Spanish Bankia  system bank crisis grows and the capital flight over the borders  is catapulting out of orbit. The Portuguese banks getting financial support from the state. Cyprus is needing help to keep their leading banks alive as the Greek economy is effecting also this Island that is already divided. Euro Group rumour talks about a possible in stating fiscal and banking union as the next step they want to take to centralize control in the European Union and Euro zone . Also rumour and talks about a Euro zone split in a sort of North and South zone is on the table.  Still the Euro is failing to keep its ground as it falls to 1.24 against the US dollar. 

What is there to report next.  I personally hope that will be the inevitable decision to stop saving that what is corrupt, fraudulent, criminal and only enslaves people. It will fall apart anyway as it is just a question of time.  We need a new system where money has been backed with real value and a system that creates no more debt. A system where everyone prospers and lives in peace and oneness.  This replacement system can disappear also over time if we learn to understand the new way of living in Oneness in full.  Some say in not understanding a system like this it is Utopia.  I say they really do not understand what it is or do not want to understand it.  Let go of the old paradigms.  The new is waiting already for us at the horizon.

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One response to “Lucas – More Crisis EU/ Euro zone – 4 June 2012

  1. I have read that there is a new system ready to replace the corrupt, and it is all planned and ready to implement, the countries that do not belond to the G8, have been organising this for a long time, and also the truthful, and honest lightworkers in all the many industries that can have influence, so the corrupt system must fail, as you say just a matter of time….the new system will be backed by precious metals etc, not just figures out of thin air on paper!!