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Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ascension And The Merkaba – 5 June 2012

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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 5 June 2012

Self awareness and advancement: We would like to speak with you today on ways in which you can further your growth and your advancement while you are here in this physical plane. What you can be working on and focusing on is ways to better accrue knowledge, wisdom and experience throughout your day. How this can be done is through a coordinated effort to share with each other ideas, concepts and your experiences with each other. To do this, interaction is required, and this interaction can be facilitated through the means of the tools that are already at your disposal. The Internet is your source for a wealth of information, and it can be utilized in so many advantageous ways to further your growth and expand your consciousness as you do the work that you have come here to accomplish.   Continue reading


John Ward – Euroblown : Spain Facing Disaster, But The Troika Goes La-La-La-La-Lagarde – 5 June 2012

Chrissie Lagarde goes gagagagaga

The Spanish Government is now openly admitting that doors into the credit markets are closing by the hour. But Finance Ministers of the G7 major economies have yet to take any action. Spanish Treasury Minister Cristobal Montoro sent out a dramatic SOS this afternoon poining out that the spread between the country’s 10-year bond and German/US debt was now in excess of 550 basis points. But all that happened was that his comments on Spain’s issues sent the euro down still further. Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Beginning Of The Beginning – 5 June 2012

As we reach a very important point with the aligning of Venus with our Sun and our Earth, we are going to find many lessons placed before us that will test our developing perception of our Multidimensional self, who will be coming to us in increased purity that will feel very different than what we have been used to thus far. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Know Where Your Food Comes From: Real Time Farms – 5 June 2012

David stumbled upon this information on Facebook, and we watched it together this weekend. I love this idea and the ways in which it encourages us all to reclaim control over our food supply. Surveys show that voters consistently support labeling of Genetically Engineered “foods.” When given a choice and explanation, people also support cleaner foods without antibiotics, Agent Orange, growth hormones and factory farmed cesspool conditions. People want more information and control, but with governments in the pocket of BigAg, then what can consumers do? Continue reading

Lucas – A Short BRIC’s Newsround – 5 June 2012

World stock markets fall as Europe worries riseEurozone crisis: India prepares ‘contingency plan’  Reuters, 5 June, 2012, 06.42PM IST

India has prepared a contingency plan for Greece exiting the eurozone and even a collapse of the monetary union, officials said on Tuesday. Continue reading

Emmanuel Dagher – Magnified Manifestiging – June Energy Forecast – New Beginnings – 5 June 2012

Peace & Blessings,

Do you remember that feeling of being a senior on the last day of your high school experience, literally looking at the clock counting down the seconds to when you would be exiting the doors of your school once and for all? There was probably a sense of excitement mixed with an abundance of joy for accomplishing 12+ years of hard work. Although a brand new day was just around the corner, there was probably also a sense of nostalgia for the simple fact that a major chapter in our lives was coming to an end. We knew that everything we had known to be our reality up to that point as it showed up through our environment, friendships, and experiences was about to change forever. Continue reading

Hamdan Azhar – Ron Paul Delegates Arrested As They Win A Majority At Louisiana GOP Convention – 5 June 2012

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Ron Paul Delegates Arrested As They Win a Majority at Louisiana GOP Convention

“I’m handicapped! I need a doctor!” “Sir, this is the chairman!” The Louisiana State Republican Convention descended into chaos Saturday morning, with several delegates being arrested and the convention chairman being thrown to the ground by police. Sources report that state party officials panicked when it became clear that Ron Paul delegates commanded a decisive majority of the delegates on the floor – at least 111 of 180 (62%). Continue reading

Lucas – In The Mist Of Your Life Your Senses Are Your Guide – 5 June 2012

Seeing through the  mist without guidance is difficult. A Light is needed and a bullhorn to safely navigate the waters.  Nowadays we have the radar, but that is still no guarantee for a save passage.  So still the old ears and eyes are the  mayor navigators of the seas. We rely on our senses we have been given.

What about feeling love and feeling fear and negativity.  Don’t we  need our senses  taken serious also in navigating us through troubles but also through positive experience. A lot we do is not only about the senses as we still are the humans in a duality back pulled form that has to be shaken of so to say.  This makes we still think a lot and do not go on our senses.  Our heart  should be known by  now as the new thinkingcentre of our lightbodies. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Be Happy – 5 June 2012

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Appreciating life is such an important part of a happy life, yet how many of us really do it? We wake up in the morning and jump out of bed and off we go to work or school or childcare with little thought of anything else. For starters I bet you didn’t swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit there a moment in thanks to the creator for another day of being alive and breathing. Are we grateful for the food that filled our bellies before leaving the house? Are we grateful for owning the car that drives us to our daily lives rather than having to walk or take the crowded bus? As much as we hate heading off to work everyday have we been able to find room to be grateful for the job we are able to go to everyday? There are so many things we take for granted and don’t give a second thought about, let alone show gratitude for. Each and every moment is a moment for us to be happy and grateful for, each and every moment is our life! Continue reading