Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 5 June 2012

Self awareness and advancement: We would like to speak with you today on ways in which you can further your growth and your advancement while you are here in this physical plane. What you can be working on and focusing on is ways to better accrue knowledge, wisdom and experience throughout your day. How this can be done is through a coordinated effort to share with each other ideas, concepts and your experiences with each other. To do this, interaction is required, and this interaction can be facilitated through the means of the tools that are already at your disposal. The Internet is your source for a wealth of information, and it can be utilized in so many advantageous ways to further your growth and expand your consciousness as you do the work that you have come here to accomplish.  

We see so many of you using the Internet in many different ways, and we do see those of you who are getting the most out of this experience, though we do see a number of you not getting out of your time on the Internet what is possible for you. We would like to see improvements in this area by seeing more of you focusing on the subject matter that will bring to you knowledge and wisdom that is of greater importance to you at this time. There are so many interesting and worthwhile subjects to read about and discuss amongst one another, however, the time to indulge in many of these topics and discussions has passed. It is now a time to focus on only the subjects that will bring to you the most you can get from this experience.

We would like to see you focusing on subjects that will expand your consciousness in the areas of spiritual evolution. We would like to see more of you focus less on topics and interests that do not have the capabilities to facilitate this kind of growth in your spiritual awareness. There is such a wide range of different topics that will work to better qualify you for advancement up through the multiple dimensions of this universe. At this time, we are taking notice of what we shall call ‘deficiencies’ in fundamental spiritual understandings and awareness. We would like to see more of you focus on this and turning back a few pages to the basics of spiritual understanding and awareness, starting with the rights of others and how important these rights are to honor and respect, namely in the ways of free choice and freedom of expression.
We see many of you at this time who are demonstrating that they have not yet reached this fundamental level of understanding, and we say to you that you are building a spiritual house on top of a faulty foundation if you do not first reach this basic understanding. We suggest to you to better strengthen your foundational structure by better understanding the sacred rights of free will and choice, and work at respecting the boundaries and rights of another. We see quite often those of you who trespass on this sacred right of another by outspokenly condemning their views and opinions. This will not do if it is spiritual ascension through this multidimensional universe that is your goal. This behavior must be corrected, and corrected before you begin to amass more advanced spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
One cannot put the cart before the horse, as you say, and placing advanced and complex spiritual wisdom before you before you have learned one of its most basic fundamentals, which are the rights of others, is a flaw that will lead to problems up ahead and a stunting of your spiritual growth. We suggest to you today to forgo all the advanced concepts, meditations and breathing exercises, yoga, Zen, and all other advanced concepts and focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is when another speaks or posts throughout your online social networks, stop for just a moment and take a long deep breath, and while you exhale think to yourself ‘Will I honor this soul’s sacred right of free will and choice, or will I choose to trespass against my brother or sister and condemn him or her for their choice and right to exercise their right of expression. If you could do this each and every time you are poised to offer reply to what another has just expressed, you would be doing yourself and this other soul a great service.
We are all here, in part, for spiritual growth and advancement along our journey, and to judge another and condemn their thoughts and freedom of expression is not assisting them on their journey in any way and is also not assisting you on your journey. Instead, this can be likened to a head on train wreck when two locomotives meet on the same track. This is certainly not conducive to either locomotive, and this is certainly not what will lead to a positive outcome for two souls who are also traveling upon their journey. We thank you for your efforts in this regard, and we will be looking for improvements in this area immediately starting today. What we would like to see more of are those of you who outwardly express that you honor and respect the views of others at all times and welcome always their views and opinions on any subject they would like to discuss. This is the way of the higher dimensions of this universe, where all beings respect the sacred rights of another and their choice of expression, no matter what that expression may be and whether you agree with this point of view or not.
No one is asking you to ever take on the perspective of another. You are only being asked to honor another’s right to choose their own perspective and express this choice in any way that they see fit, as long as it does not intrude upon the rights of another. This very basic and fundamental right is the cornerstone of the foundation of this entire multidimensional universe, and it is here at this very first block that we want you to focus your attention today and as you move forward, and we would like you not to forget our discussion today and this lesson on this extremely important spiritual virtue. Thank you, and bless you all.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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