Laura Bruno – Know Where Your Food Comes From: Real Time Farms – 5 June 2012

David stumbled upon this information on Facebook, and we watched it together this weekend. I love this idea and the ways in which it encourages us all to reclaim control over our food supply. Surveys show that voters consistently support labeling of Genetically Engineered “foods.” When given a choice and explanation, people also support cleaner foods without antibiotics, Agent Orange, growth hormones and factory farmed cesspool conditions. People want more information and control, but with governments in the pocket of BigAg, then what can consumers do?

Answer: find our own ways to share information about local, organic, sustainably grown food. By becoming more informed, we can vote with our dollar (or whatever currency pretends to run the show right now).

We can also barter time or other products and services for food. Of course, there are other answers, too, like growing our own food, learning to forage, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, joining CSA’s, and volunteering on local farms. This Real Time Farms idea expands those options to include supporting restaurants and businesses that make extra efforts to offer quality food with true transparency. Check it out, and if you see something missing in your zip code, please add to the information. Collaboration and innovation bring freedom:

“Know Where Your Food Comes From”

Real Time Farms is a crowd-sourced nationwide online food guide that allows you to make informed food choices using real-time, transparent information.

Real Time Farms – Time Farms on Facebook – link to original article

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