Lee-Anne Peters – Following A Dream – Seeing It Through! – 5 June 2012

We all have dreams, many have lost or forgotten dreams – however we all have dreams. Dreams can be thought of as out of reach or just not doable – and there really are many that are. Becoming a pretty good manifestor of my dreams I am learning a lot about this process, so hopefully something I share here can help you see it through, reignite your passions or let it go.

These past few years have been ones of waves and waves of amazing things coming into my life. It has been no accident, chance or luck that I am here sharing from this wonderful position. I have worked hard, I have stepped into the unknown, taken risks and have been on the verge of giving it all up many times…
In a little over 10 years I have turned my life around from bankruptcy and living in a caravan to being a multi self-published author who is thriving. It’s through a few simple focuses that I continue to build momentum…
Here are my top 5 tips to bringing your dream into reality:
* Don’t give up – however, be flexible. I have seen many a stubborn businessman / woman dig in their heels and feel they have failed if they don’t see it through. Use that common sense to see your dream through – if it has lost your enthusiasm, if your health is suffering or things seem to be collapsing – you may need to review your plan.
* Take risks – step out of your comfort zone – this is essential if you would like to really expand and be all that you can be. These risks don’t have to be monstrous, just ones that you would usually not do due to fear or feeling uncomfortable. Make that phone call, arrange that meeting or ask for help.
* One step at a time – don’t become too overwhelmed by the ‘end result’… break your larger goal down into doable, simple and manageable steps. One day at a time will bring you to your goal sooner than you think. If you are always focused on what you don’t have or that you aren’t ‘there’ yet, you will likely struggle – let it go and put one step in front of the other!
* Gratitude – being grateful for what you are receiving, enjoying and everything happening for you will in no doubt boost your energy and the momentum. Please note the gratitude must be genuine. Genuine gratitude will expand what you are doing in incredible ways. Be grateful for the small things, the large things and everything in between.
* Clear intentions – hold clear intentions about what you want in life. Make lists and decide WHAT you intend to do. If you have clear intentions, then things will come into your life that is clear. If you are muddled or confused with what you are putting out there, then that will come back. If you want clarity and clear direction, then BE clear!! You must ALWAYS follow through with ACTION too…
Well, I trust one or more of my tips sparks something in you – something that may propel you further into your dreams. Maybe you had lost some hope lately – well, remember WHY you started following your dream in the first place and reignite those initial feelings to help you see this through. If you would like further help on this, I highly recommend my latest book – From Lack to Abundance – You deserve to LIVE an abundant life immediately!

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