Maureen Moss – Sustained Happiness : A Vital Component To Ascension – 5 June 2012

 Dearest Hearts,As always I pray you are well as the rebooting of our Infinite Beings, continues.

What an amazing journey into a land beyond time and a world without constriction, we are on.

Have you noticed how this ‘rebooting’ is creating a much deeper consciousness of who you really are, how Infinite you truly are, and how vitally important you are to the Divine Plan on this profound Planet? Every day is a day of sheer amazement and yes, often sheer exhaustion. It’s good to know however, that the exhaustion is all energy, and nothing is wrong.

We are, after all, being re-woven into the fabric of Creation, and re-set to

expand into an ocean of Infinite possibilities in ways no one could possibly have understood; not the ways, the means, nor the personal or collective experience of it all. This transcendent experience has gone far beyond what any mind could have ever imagined. What amazing Infinite beings we all are! Anything is possible!

Next up in our triple-header energy, for May/June is the rare never to be seen again until 2117, Venus Transit on June 5th or 6th depending on where you live in the world. This rare celestial event is going to push us into the direction of finding our power within ‘the mind and hands of the heart.’ We belong to our hearts now.

This day is energetically reputed to be the second most pronounced day for human re-creation this year. It is a day in which creative impulses will arise and arouse your consciousness, as well as inform the rest of your waking life, about your life. Listen deeply.

Pay close attention, as the energies this day will have great effect on your consciousness, and your sense of purpose and direction. Be attentive, embrace your Infinite Self, release all that is weighing you down, and act creatively. You are being supported. This is not a time for creative paralysis. Dream large and take action!

The day of the Venus Transit is a day to become clear, dissolve remaining illusions, choose what you will creatively expand, and release what is contracting you. This activity must be done in sacred ceremony, with deep intention knowing that the Universe, the Earth, the Sun and the Planet Venus are in deep rapport with you.

It is my prayer that most will spend the day in stillness open to receive the messages delivered during this profound transit of Venus, coming before the face of the sun.

In all of this May/June activity I have gotten numerous Emails regarding people’s state of peace and happiness, or lack thereof. As such, I have decided to address happiness, as the Cosmic, planetary, solar and lunar energetic emphasis continues to focus on shape-shifting our entire human experience into one of Divine love, peace and happiness.

Each are the aspects that must be rooted and stabilized in order that our vibrational signature is elevated to accept the codes of Love and Light of the Higher Worlds that are reweaving and rebooting our bodies, minds and spirits.

Much is at stake and much is being asked during this particular time, and throughout the months ahead.

Knowing that, in this article I will address happiness. In other work of mine, (found at you will find deeper explanations, and exercises to elevate, activate and stabilize each.

Happiness is a stabilized transcendent state that we choose, that we determine, and decide on. Happiness roots and stabilizes in an environment unaffected by the illusory external world, and the machinations of an illogical mind.

It is a state we are all capable of maintaining, regardless of thought or experience as more and more of the 3rd world illusion and density peels back from the psyche, providing we have weeded our gardens from the soil of the fragmented Human Template which can no longer bring a bountiful harvest.

To journey into a fifth and even sixth dimensional bandwidth of energy (dimension) while still in body, where duality and polarity no longer plague

you, the vibration of happiness must be held within the new Divine Template in order for that Template to be fully functional.

Happiness is something everyone ‘thinks’ they desire, even long for, though in truth, just as some people cannot accept Truth, many cannot accept happiness unless it comes packaged in a particular form that the mind can relate to in its finite state.

When one chooses, decides and determines they are going to be happy, more of the world external falls away. Perhaps the subconscious realizes this and

provides a mental reason for one to be unwilling to accept it? It is no excuse, and no longer acceptable. What is lost will bless you. What is gotten will bless you.

Many might say, “I’ve had enough fall away. I cannot tolerate another moment of anything else falling away.” But you can. For your happiness, you can. What

if you knew that what was falling away was what was getting in your way? What if even if you didn’t know this to be true, you would at least trust this to be so, and see where that trust would catapult you too? Go to the edge of the cliff. You will be taught to fly.

In Truth, not thought, what falls away is shadowed by 3D illusion, limited realities, limiting and finite belief systems, and erroneous conclusions about how happiness is earned, gained and held.

Happiness is always a choice, though you must believe it, and receive it

through your heart. If one can choose the opposite of being happy (lonely and miserable,) one is able to choose happiness. Consider it. Lonely and miserable doesn’t just happen, it is a dense vibrational belief that has been formed into one’s reality.

If you are to meet the Heaven of your Life you are invited by the Great Divine, to connect with your vibration of happiness, let the energy imprint itself upon you, and consciously choose to hold that vibration, that feeling, that uplifted sense of well-being and joy. This Beloveds, is what will push you through the long held veils of not good enough, rich enough, worthy enough or in love

enough to be happy.

You need nothing other than a choice to be happy. This is the push you have to give yourself to pierce the membrane that has kept you stuck in sadness, grief, and unworthiness. They linger as a result of nothing else available to take their place! Make happiness available and watch what happens to your life. Rest assured, that the energies at hand during this upcoming month will support your courageous efforts.

Pushing yourself through this membrane may put some into ‘perceived’

depression, as it will often go against what you deem normal for your life and what you have perceived, and pre-conceived about happiness. Let it go. Every thought you have held belongs to the past. It is life-less. Dump it and be free. Empty yourself to create anew, choose anew and be renewed and let the Divine fill you. Attach to nothing and feel the liberation and happiness it brings you.

Beloveds, it takes great courage and trust to be happy. The question is what would it take for you to be courageous and happy? (The answer, a new choice.)

Through millennia, few have chosen to stretch out and discover the very

nature of true happiness, for it requires a leap outside the hardened structures of the mind, thus those that don’t stretch out settle for an unsavory state of one’s humanity at the expense of a precious and Divine one. That is no longer acceptable and will not work on your behalf, ever again.

Many are learning the hard way, and if I’m being completely honest, I was one of them. No more. I got it. And now it’s behind me. Happiness is an elevated state of unconditioned consciousness that is willing to receive goodness!

It is time to stop, and love yourself enough to consciously choose to be happy,

and be able to receive the happiness that the great Divine brings you without boundaries and stories, constructs and a mortal sense of perfection. No stories are valid any longer. I cannot impress enough how much every story that has been told or sold to yourself, your friends and family must be burned at its origin.

In this discussion of happiness, it might be helpful to know that there is a price

for happiness. The price is all conditions must go. That appears to be a tall order for a big trained mind and a belief system set up to suggest how happiness is packaged. You Beloved One must burst that paradigm. And then you must trust the Divine to take you on the journey that delivers you to happiness without question. All conditions must go.

Allow your mind to play for a moment, and see for yourself what it does with happiness, or the potential for it.

Think about happiness for a few moments; when it’s shown up in your life, how

you have identified with what you believe it to be, how you have gone about losing it, seemingly finding it, (for awhile,) how it’s attempted to find you repeatedly, and then quickly alludes you. Try this without judgment, simply

deep awareness.

Notice how many times your mind lands on a condition that you put into motion for your happiness. (I shudder to think how many times I have done this number on myself.) No judgment. :)

How many times have you put the flow of the Universe and your very own Soul at bay, regarding your happiness, to put into motion the conditions your mind requires for your happiness?

Perhaps writing them down will help you to see for yourself the many times

you have overthrown your happiness for a condition you have concocted about how you need to be happy. Make a list so you can uncreate it.

I remind you Beloveds that no being of a Divine nature sells out to a lower condition any longer when they are being rewoven, rebooted, and re-created into one of the greatest, most sacred blessings on this Earth plane by the One who loves you most.

You happiness is sacred. Choose it, embrace it, receive it and love it.
Learn how to hold it. Now is the time to raise the sacred fire of your very own vibration on this Earth, pulsing to the beat of your Divinity.  link to original article


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