Visionkeeper – Be Happy – 5 June 2012

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Appreciating life is such an important part of a happy life, yet how many of us really do it? We wake up in the morning and jump out of bed and off we go to work or school or childcare with little thought of anything else. For starters I bet you didn’t swing your legs over the side of the bed and sit there a moment in thanks to the creator for another day of being alive and breathing. Are we grateful for the food that filled our bellies before leaving the house? Are we grateful for owning the car that drives us to our daily lives rather than having to walk or take the crowded bus? As much as we hate heading off to work everyday have we been able to find room to be grateful for the job we are able to go to everyday? There are so many things we take for granted and don’t give a second thought about, let alone show gratitude for. Each and every moment is a moment for us to be happy and grateful for, each and every moment is our life!

How have we lost this ability to feel gratitude for our lives, every moment of them? Is it due to our struggle to keep up with the never-ending demands placed on our lives by a corrupt and oppressive government? Is it due to the constant numbing mind control going on, the dumbing down through fluoride and mercury, the evils of television and its invasion into our daily lives? Who knows for sure and we don’t need to know, but we do need to reconnect with ourselves, rediscover our passions and our reasons for being here and once again find our gratitude for our lives.We need to unfreeze ourselves and become aware of ourselves again, sever our ties with the propaganda of television and begin to be aware of our life again.

Who are you? Do you know for certain? I am not talking about whether you are male or female, your race, religion, your job title. Those are exactly as stated, titles about you. The titles are NOT who you are. Discover your passions, what your morals are, where does your compassion lie, what would you put your life on the line for? These are the types of questions that will give you the answers, who you are resides deep within you, it is not found outside. I think a great many wandering about in the world don’t have the vaguest idea about who they are other than the titles and labels they go by. It is no wonder the world is in such a state of confusion. We have been led astray and made to believe these are what defines us. They DO NOT! We are not our jobs or our financial standing!

No wonder so many are empty within trying to be a good job titles or millionaires. That time should be spent discovering who they are, fulfilling their personal missions here on earth. I think a great many people are beginning to sense something very wrong about how they are living their lives. They have felt the disconnect for a very long time now but couldn’t find words to describe what they were feeling or reasons why they were feeling what they were feeling. Things are beginning to become clear. Our lives have been manipulated to benefit the elite while we struggled day-to-day to stay above the water.

So if we are struggling day-to-day to survive, I am sure you are wondering how we could feel gratitude for our lives. Feel gratitude for the fact the truth about what the corrupt have been doing is finally seeing the light of day. Feel gratitude for the fact you have come to earth at this momentous time to witness the shift of consciousness. Feel gratitude that you are living in a time when oppression is ending and the freedom to live your lives is upon us. Feel gratitude that you have a deep awareness of life for if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this. Life is very challenging indeed but there is much to be grateful for! Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life!

Blessings to you all,

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