Wes Annac – The Beginning Of The Beginning – 5 June 2012

As we reach a very important point with the aligning of Venus with our Sun and our Earth, we are going to find many lessons placed before us that will test our developing perception of our Multidimensional self, who will be coming to us in increased purity that will feel very different than what we have been used to thus far.

As with every alignment, we are given Life lessons and tests to see us resonate better with the energies being given during such an alignment, and for me personally right now, the biggest and most important lesson is that of keeping balance and Living in Harmony, without overloading my senses.

We’ve heard from every reliable source that this Venus transit will be for the purposes of bringing the Divine Feminine Mother to and through our complexes, to Create a balance within us between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

This happening will require us to be in balance as we absorb these two United energies, and everything that has been based in the old paradigm will be disintegrating away more and more as we find our higher selves in increased measure.

It is a time now, for us to step out of our shells and find each other and ourselves in ways that we have never thought possible. Many things are going to happen to many of us that are going to catch us off guard, surprise us, and test just how far we have come in our evolution thus far. The main theme of this transit is balance and Harmony, so balance and Harmony is just what will get us through this time.

I’ve been learning now that with every alignment, we have the choice to either go with it and feel the flow of the energies and of the events to manifest in our Lives with the giving of such alignments, or to go against the current by continuing to indulge in all that is based in the fading, Earthly paradigm of illusion, and finding much difficulty in doing so.

While the collective density is still being fed on a widespread scale, these energies we are being graced with are going to show us that the time for such lower actions that are continuing to be fed, are truly over. It is the beginning of the end of this world as we have known it, and it is the beginning of the beginning of our New World that has been taking shape before our eyes for some time now.

I personally am learning the difference between wants and needs with the unfolding of these many helpful and strong alignments, and this is indeed what the lesson of balance is supposed to bring one; we are being shown just what is necessary in our Lives and what is unnecessary yet still being indulged in by the majority of humanity.

The very definition of balance is that of finding what we need, using and appreciating it, and thanking that which we do not need for the service it would otherwise provide, while remaining in a state wherein we no longer need to indulge in that which has only given us a small measure of what we truly need and will benefit from whilst on this Earth.

With the coming disclosures and revelations of all that has happened to us and our world, many people’s paradigms are going to be busted quite intensely, and it is the energies of these recent and continual alignments that are laying the foundation for such exposure and paradigm-breaking, and we awakening Lightworkers and Light Holders who are feeling the energies of these alignments, are the ‘test subjects’ so to speak, not just for how the energies of these alignments will affect us, but as well for how the events which are to bust our own built up illusory paradigms will affect us.

Our Angelic and Galactic brethren would not want to shock humanity to proportions that many suffer unintended emotional and energetic consequences, which is why everything up to this point and beyond has been carefully planned, measured, and integrated cautiously into the overall plan for the ascension of this Earth. To put it shortly, we are being prepared, slowly and carefully.

Yesterday (June 4th) was a very important date as well, and was a date that itself saw much potent foundational energy that I personally could feel in abundance.

For me, this energy manifested yesterday as a personal, uninhibited sense of freedom. I did things yesterday that made me so very happy, but that I did not expect I would ever be doing.

Picture the 1960s, if you will. Picture a beautiful river, and a group of young awakening hippies sitting by this river, dipping their feet in the water, talking amongst each other and just generally feeling free and happy. Why is it that we rarely see such an image anymore?

Since the beginning of the 1970s, humanity was slowly taught once again the ways of inhibition – inhibition that is itself melting away now with the coming of these beautiful energies which are gracing all of us now and will continue to in the days and weeks ahead.

We were taught not to step out of bounds, not to seem too ‘weird’ or ‘out there’ and to simply conform to what the general dictators (and that is meant in every sense of the word) of society were proclaiming. To see somebody hugging a tree or thanking a river for the gifts that they give us, were suddenly actions to be chastised.

As a result of these forced inhibitions, much of our personal sense of freedom and sovereignty has been taken away from us, and we are now gaining these parts of ourselves back.

I did not expect myself to be sitting in my back yard at midnight last night, staring up at the sky and making a request for our Galactic brethren to show me one of their ships, if the time and energy was right.

What was amazing was that the time and energy was right, and almost immediately after making my request, I saw a beautiful Light peek out from behind the clouds and fly around in a formation that could only be unique to an advanced flying craft. Though it was midnight when this happened and as a result most people were in their beds asleep, I feel like I was still being given a strong message with the showing of this craft, which lasted for quite a while.

Whereas usually I am met with reasons in my mental and emotional channels why our Galactic brethren could not show themselves at the time, last night felt to be a very uninhibited, sovereign and free display of one of the beautiful starships of the Galactics. The overall message they were giving:

This is just the beginning.

Everything that we have been working toward, even everything discussed in this message, is now making its real and true beginnings upon our world. One can imagine how surprised I was to almost immediately see a ship of our Galactic brethren upon making the request, and though the circumstances were right for such a showing as again, most people were asleep, it still feels very significant in view of the alignments that we are and have been going through.

The inhibition that has been forced onto our Galactic brethren by the last fading cabals in relation to the showing of their ships in very clear ways, is now being taken down as our own inhibitions are taken down, and it is with the tearing down of inhibition that the crucial act of balance comes into play and becomes needed.

There is indeed a difference between inhibiting yourself and Living in balance, and we are being given the energetic tools to work toward this inevitable conclusion in ourselves; that of tearing down our inhibitions while gaining and remembering the Masculine energies of balance and responsibility.

The alignment today is more focused on the arrival of the Divine Feminine energies within ourselves, but we will be relying upon the true and pure Masculine energies that we have become familiar with, to balance out the crazy influx of Divine Feminine Light we will be receiving.

Again, balance is the key.

I am learning the difference between finding the energies of the higher realms and finding the energies of pure, unadulterated pleasure. There is indeed a big difference, as many forms of Earthly pleasure are just that, Earthly, and will bind us only to the Earth experience and the experience of the lower dimensions as indeed, they are meant to!

The best advice that I can give at this time: simply be in Peace and balance.

I would recommend as well joining in the mass meditation that dear Cobra has planned for this date so that we can anchor and balance these Divine energies on a collective, widespread level and help further to rid this world from the strong, collective influence of the dark souls on our world, for with the coming of these alignments and important dates, their influence is itself becoming a thing of the past.

Beyond this, simply be in Peace and alignment on this date for doing so will aide you tremendously in keeping your head above the energetic water. If you have a lot of balls in the air at the moment, know that it is ok to let them fall for a while if it is for the purposes of aligning yourself with these continually pure energies that we are now being given in abundance.

I will see you all in the heavenly dreamscape realms of our dear Mother Earth tonight, for we have much energetic and astral work to do for these alignments while we do not find ourselves inhabiting our Earthly temples.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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