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Wes Annac – A Meditation To Aide In Cleansing The Lower Chakras – 6 June 2012

A dear reader sends along the link to download an audio meditation that will aide tremendously in the cleansing of our lower chakras, as we have been advised to do today by our dear friends, the Hathors. I would also like to say here that the planetary Hathor messages and meditations given through Tom Kenyon are extremely helpful as well. I’ll let our reader explain the beneficial effects of this meditation: Continue reading

Lee Harris – Energy : June Energy Forecast – Loving The Feminine Road Less Travelled (Included Video) – 6 June 2012

The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without its presence. Yet for so long, the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and attitude on Earth. The feminine represents the felt and unseen. The feminine power is nurture, creativity, intuition, and heart-centred living and loving. In recent years, these qualities and their value have been rising and are increasingly demonstrated in many men and women worldwide. Continue reading

WolfSpiritRadio – Bill Wood With Melt Esquibel – 6 June 2012

link to the MP3 of the  radioshow on WolfspiritRadio  – Bill Wood and Melt Esquibel 4 June 2012  http://www.wolfspiritradio.com

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 6 June 2012

The new you is emerging out of the shadows of the old paradigm, a new shining you that lights up everything and everyone around you. Your Light is reaching out to others who feel your uplifting energy, and it is awakening them to the higher truth. As more souls do so the Light upon Earth increases and the path to Ascension becomes stronger. It is quickly bringing peace to a troubled world that would otherwise be in complete turmoil. Where there are trouble spots you are seeing the last vestiges of the effect of centuries of negative vibrations. It takes time to remove them but you are winning the battle. There is far more love being sent to them than ever before, and it is helping cleanse such areas. It will be completed when total peace comes to the Earth and we will carry out the final cleansing. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Gaming The Odds Of A Greek Euro Exit With And Without Contagion – 6 June 2012

A key question on trader’s minds is who will win the June 17th Greece election and whether it results in a Greek exit of the eurozone.

Deutsche Bank gives it assessment in a report called Probability weighting EUR views on Greece Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 6 June 2012

Fulford’s Reply to slander against him by Tom Henegan

This is a response to slander against me by Tom Henegan
Let me make it clear, I am not an MI5 agent nor am I anybody’s agent. I am a freelance journalist.
Also, Edward Harle or Christopher Story was murdered and is not alive. Henegan should call Story’s family to confirm this before writing lies.

Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When The World Assails Your Heart – 6 June 2012

God said:

What is the flavor in your heart today? May it be delicious, the flavor in your heart. May it be as sweet like the morning dew. May it have no tinges of anxiety or anything but the sweetness of love, love untainted by hurt or resistance or any of the other many things that have assailed your heart.

If something from the world assails your heart, let it pass through quickly and be done with. Never again keep anything in your heart that does not nourish it. No matter how right you are, change your thinking and let tension go. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Many Of You Have Been Experiencing Stirred-Up Issues For The Last Couple Of Weeks – 6 June 2012

The enormously powerful energies presently enveloping and surrounding Planet Earth are stirring up vast quantities of issues that have lain dormant within the human psyche for eons and which need to be addressed and released so that you can all awaken.  Many of you have been experiencing the effects of this for the last couple of weeks and are wondering what is going on, because they have interrupted your “normal” life schedules and caused you difficulty in your daily lives.  You have maybe missed important appointments, forgotten to do things that you needed to do, or just been unable to operate as efficiently as you usually do. Continue reading

Selacia – Council Of 12 Message On June 5th During Venus Transit : Connect With Your Inner Divine Feminine – 6 June 2012

Today, as the planet Venus makes its final transit across the sun until 2117, is one of those historic moments so captivating and so full of promise that people across the world are tuning in. It’s getting the attention of sky watchers everywhere, including people who know nothing about the shift in consciousness now under way.

Rare events like today’s Venus transit can be appreciated visually – the unique crossing seen far and wide. The real significance can be found on an inner level, however, as the event helps humanity shift into the higher vibrations of love. Deep within your being, you remember your role in this shift – you know beyond a doubt it’s the most important factor in why you are alive now. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 6 June 2012

Hello my friends.  It’s always a pleasure to hook up with you. I know I sounded rather despondent in the last communication … it’s just that … if we were to look back over past ‘chats’… there are times when we get really reved up as if something is about to happen any moment and our excitement once again builds … only for it all to simmer down again and have more or less the same messages repeated. I really don’t mean to sound rude here … but do you see where I am coming from? Folk down here begin to lose heart because of this … and I know this is not your intention … in any way. So I am just trying to fill you in on how it ‘appears’ for us. Continue reading