Selacia – Council Of 12 Message On June 5th During Venus Transit : Connect With Your Inner Divine Feminine – 6 June 2012

Today, as the planet Venus makes its final transit across the sun until 2117, is one of those historic moments so captivating and so full of promise that people across the world are tuning in. It’s getting the attention of sky watchers everywhere, including people who know nothing about the shift in consciousness now under way.

Rare events like today’s Venus transit can be appreciated visually – the unique crossing seen far and wide. The real significance can be found on an inner level, however, as the event helps humanity shift into the higher vibrations of love. Deep within your being, you remember your role in this shift – you know beyond a doubt it’s the most important factor in why you are alive now.

Spiritual Fuel for Your Journey

This transit, with its focus on a return to the heart and divine feminine, is a vital catalyst for you and your dreams for a new type of reality. You and all of humanity are receiving spiritual fuel to help bring the divine feminine into active expression. The more consciously you connect with the inner meanings of this, the greater your ability to tangibly sense the true potentials of these times. Your enhanced awareness will help you to make the optimal use of these energies, and to take needed steps in your life.

It’s not enough to simply visualize peace and a loving world. It’s not enough to tell people you know that you want the world to change. Conscious and consistent loving actions in the world are needed. Simply by being alive now, you have opportunities daily to be more loving than the day before. Your love, whether self-appreciation replacing self-doubt or kindness towards others, sets in motion a loving force that goes out into the world. You know this, of course, but it’s not always easy to remember and do this in present time when you are challenged.

The Birth of a More Loving World

The birth of a more loving world – with the divine feminine in active expression – is not something you help create in one day, or even in one lifetime. Indeed, you have been moving towards this point for a very long time. You have had numerous lifetimes learning how to be more loving.

In this life alone, you have had a multitude of challenges, each of them potentially teaching you about love.

As you read these words, you may be reminded of one or more of your experiences. Perhaps key people come to mind, too – the ones who have pushed your buttons or triggered your self-doubt.

Letting Go of the Grudges

Do your best today to let go of any grudges. Find a space within your heart to love everyone and everything without condition. If you can, find a few moments sometime today or soon to focus on this – inviting the potent energies of the Venus transit to help catalyze a powerful release of old grudges.

You are moving into a time when you can no longer afford the grudges, the hate, and the blame. Your own forward movement, from a spiritual perspective, is at stake.

Today, with both the Venus transit and the aftermath of yesterday’s full moon and lunar eclipse, you have a potent mix of beneficial energies to help you let go of past hurts. These energies, unfolding today and continuing in a wave produced by the awakening heart of humanity, can help you to become free – at last.

Sensitivities and Energy Shifts

Due to the current expanded energies, it’s possible you will feel more sensitive and that you will be processing a more substantial release of old patterns than typically. Go especially gently with yourself – and with others – right now.

This is a highly unusual and volatile time for everyone on the planet, and this includes other species. If you have pets, you may notice temporary changes in their behavior. They are impacted by the energies in general, and also by your changing energies. Therefore, you want to allow for this.

All Can Become New

All things can become new with a new view. This includes your relationships, your work, and your experiences with both mundane and spiritually profound activities. The new view must come from inside of you – it is you who create it.

Consider what new vision you want for your life. What is your vision, what does it look and feel like, and what are you willing to do to bring it into active expression in your life?

The month of June is still new and only now beginning to unfold. It will be a potent month, with abundant opportunities to shift the Earthly experience. What will you do with June and the blessings, to be all that you can be? How will you contribute to a more loving world?

Divine Changemaker Role

You are encoded as a divine changemaker to be at the forefront now. Trust that you are resourced for what you need to do next. Trust that you are being intuitively guided to participate in the greatest awakening of consciousness ever experienced on Earth.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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