Steve Beckow – 1990 Oregon Crop Circle A Sri Yantra (Included Video) – 6 June 2012

Not all crop circles are made in British fields.

In 1990 Air National Guard pilot Bill Miller noticed a strange formation on an Oregon dry lake bed that the Air National Guard frequently flew over on training missions. The massive formation is a quarter mile wide and is located 70 miles southeast of Burns, Oregon, in an area known as Mickey Basin.

The design is a Hindu Sri Yantra symbol consisting of 13.3 miles of lines, each 10 inches wide and scored to a depth of three inches in the hardpan. Four people claimed to have made the formation but could not repeat the operation by which they claimed to do it. They could only produce a score of a half inch in the hardpan. Moreoever, there were no signs of human activity around the site and the formation simply appeared one day, without pilots noticing any ongoing activity as part of its creation.

Our galactic family has used crop circles that contain “photos” of themselves, responses to the Voyager message, elaborate formulas, astronomical conjunctions, and every other device to get our attention. Here they use an ancient Hindu symbol. Thanks to Misha.

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A yantra is a mandella used as a focus for meditation.  Here’s an explanation of the Sri Yantra:

“The Sri Yantra, or Yantra of Creation, has been known in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and since the earliest Vedic times as the most powerful and mystically beautiful of all yantras (geometric mandalas known as power diagrams).

“It represents the timeless creative principle of the universe [i.e., the Divine Mother], the continuous unfoldment of all realms of creation from the central source, and with that mindfulness, it is used as an object of meditation.

“The central point, called bindu, represents transcendental unity and the source of creation.  The opposing sets of triangles represent the male and female principles which form creation, themselves being recognized as expressions of the polarity inherent in the creative force of the bindu.   The surrounding geometries represent the realms of creation, entirely supported by the creative process, and which would have no reality whatsoever without the omnipresence of the transcendental source.”

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