Wes Annac – A Meditation To Aide In Cleansing The Lower Chakras – 6 June 2012

A dear reader sends along the link to download an audio meditation that will aide tremendously in the cleansing of our lower chakras, as we have been advised to do today by our dear friends, the Hathors. I would also like to say here that the planetary Hathor messages and meditations given through Tom Kenyon are extremely helpful as well. I’ll let our reader explain the beneficial effects of this meditation:


I’ve [sent] this email because I don’t want to post this on your site (via comments); I just want to offer it to you and let you decide what, if anything, to do with it.

It’s about a tool I just ran into — immediately after reading and feeling deflated by this morning’s Hathors message in which they urged us to “care for our lower chakras.”    Perchance others of your readers may have felt as frustrated as did I, and might benefit by this audio, as did I.

So, brief apologies for so much first-person narrative, but it seems the most time-saving, here.

As noted:  I drank in this morning’s Hathors message and was left THIRSTY. Frustrated. Almost laughing. (Almost.)

Because, YES, I am definitely one of those who find it harder to descend than ascend along the chakra ladder.”   SO…  It was like,

“RIGHT, Guys!  Glad you noticed!!!  My lower chakras are about to REALLY thank you! So… bring on the water potions!

And then, the Hathor transmission ended


I listlessly web-surfed for awhile; then, as I  was shutting down my computer, I noticed the Judy Satori  mp3 (downloaded yesterday and forgotten) for use with the Full Moon.



In my despondent post-Hathor state, I decided to now discipline myself and do it. And… Surprise, surprise, surprise!   The 8-10 minutes of vibratory audio.. Well, I don’t have the fullness of words to describe or a big enough brain-mind to understand exactly WHAT those sounds did for me.  But I DO know a whole bunch of it was happening in my lower chakras.  And that it felt great. Profound. Relaxing. Restorative. And all of this, in a set of chakras I hardly, personally, know how to “access!”

I then started “feeling” like I should send this to you, for what that’s worth.  Also: I hold Judy Satori’s work in high respectand have benefitted from her light-language for cellular/energetic recoding transmissions for a couple of years.

The particular audio is about 26 minutes long; the actual “transmission” is the 10 minutes at the end. My advice is to definitely NOT skip her explanatory intro!”

Thank you so much for sending us the link to this meditation, Ruth, I’m sure that many will appreciate it!! :)

http://www.aquariuschannelings.com link to original article


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