Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are In A Higher Place Now – 7 June 2012

God said:

There is no fault, and there is no excuse.

You cannot walk on tiptoe through life. There is no fault, and there is no excuse, and yet mistakes are made, and regret and guilt regrettably are left in their wake. Do not harbor your errors. You have to let them go as well as you have to let go of others’ errors.

Nor are you to make excuses for yourself. It’s true that you didn’t know any better. Now move on.

Be a proponent of good will. Have good will toward yourself and others. This is setting your rudder right. Set your rudder right, and all else will follow. You steer through the shoals of life. Good will is your rudder.

Do unto yourself as you do to others. There are no others. There are no neighbors. It is all yourself. Do not offend, and you will have no offense to be contrite about. It is not all right for you not to befriend yourself.

The finest thing you can do for yourself right now is to jump out of the past and no longer coagulate there. You are in a higher place now. You are setting sail for new ports, and old ballast is of no use to you. It is garbage. Throw it overboard.

You have carried too much with you for too long. Part with what must be parted with. Letting go of the past is letting go of a pattern. You are making room for new, and new it is. There are new days for a reason. There are new days so you can move up. Too much luggage, and you have to fuss with it.

All that you possess possesses you. Be done with the past, for it holds you back, and you are someone who is to move forward. You are taking a new path now. You are leaving ego behind. What is ego but a collection of the past, mementos put here and there on an étagère? Some mementos are scars. Let mementos go.

The past was a lesser time. The present is a greater moment.

There is no past to go back to anyway. The past can only be a shadow. Be in the daylight of today. Let the sun come out in your heart. Let the past be bygones. All the past, all its treasures and all its woes, for all the past can be is a passing fancy. The past is an idea as the future is an idea. Ideas are recollections or foretellings. This very moment as it is marked on Earth in time is all there is, and it moves so fast. The present picks you up, and, then, it puts you down, and another moment takes off with you.

In Truth, time does not exist. None of it does. Eternity exists, yet Eternity is not a collection of time. Clocks do not tick in Eternity. There is no telling time. There is no feeling it, and there is no telling it. Non-time is not like time whatsoever. It bears no resemblance. Time is a chamber. Timelessness is a field of fortune. It is like Vastness. When time and space are not, and they are not, there is Vastness. We could say in comparison that time is like school when you were a child, and timelessness is like school when it gets out, and you are free. No clamps on you any longer. Vastness is free of form and free of time.

Your natural habitat is Vastness. From Vastness you came. And to Vastness you go. Vastness is yours. Unboundedness is yours. Fly. link to original article

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