Lucas – Some Elaboration On Drake’s Show And YOU Voting – DO VOTE! – 7 June 2012

In the earlier posted Drake Audio Update that you could hear as asked in full, I have to elaborate on the Vote business.

The vote will be online Canadian – Noon time – 7 June 2012 on

What I have understood ( you have to make up your own minds!!) is that the dark cabal and banksters want the hear the terms they can surrender to peacefully so we do not hunt them down.  They do not want war as we do not want to also. But there is a deeper meaning to this. The whole system of the illuminati and dark ones and the legal system is build on some presumptions that go way back to divine law and other things. In my opinion the cabal wants to surrender in honour. This does not mean arrests and justice will not be done. We will get NESARA and may put in amendments etc. They want us to just let us know if we are prepared for a peaceful transition or that we still have after all what happens the vengeance to go to war and loose on both sides. An end of world scenario. I do believe always in peace and if peace is offered with all the necessary securities, as is, it should be peace.  We will have the NESARA (Drake was talking about: The National Economic Security & Reformation Act.)  and changes in governments, the ending of the corporate control structures, returning to common law, restoring the rights and freedom of the people (founding documents) and financial freedom (equity based currency). No Tax,  Income Tax. We will have abundance, work, etc. ,for all.  Step over your duality issues of distrust and go for a peaceful surrender of the  dark cabal and banksters.

I want you to get voting before saturday and let know in my opinion to say yes.


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  1. where do we vote?