Lucas – The Time Has Come! A Historic Shift Is Under Way! – 7 June 2012

May and now the  June Venus transit have brought lots of new energies in that we need to absorb. This energy transfer is not an instant one but it is gradually. What is important to see is that this month June is a crucial month in transforming from ego – duality to the new inner workings of oneness and balanced unconditional love.

Maybe some of you already have noticed you are feeling different. For some the Venus transit has brought a new balance and peace in their lives. For others that still do not have worked on their own ego based and duality issues or have not awakened the energies will bring a lot of discomfort. It will be a confrontational month at all levels.

Not only  will the energies force the people to seek the truth inside themselves also it is on macro levels the case. The truth will be forced out. You see confrontations happening.  Political and ethical issues will get into heavy clashes and  trenches will be digged. We will see unrest in people and nations and some people will  not have their sanity under control.  So some of us will take to violent actions  and others will go for leaving this world in a voluntary way as they can not cope the things happening now.

The essence is that we have to keep working on ourselves to shatter the last bits that withhold our potential as an unconditional loving light being.  If you do not work through those things you will be getting an extreme hard time till you do. The worlds financial, political and governance systems also have to make on the base of the new energies a change and resisting the inevitable will be felt all over. This resistance will be getting its counter reaction in people screaming louder and louder for change, for justice, for freedom and for peace.

So you see protests and people defying the rule of unjust control over us, you see an increase of the search for real truth on the NON- Mainstream Media and you will see the forming of al sorts of groups and communities.  Action in every sence of the word will ignite. A bit said to say is that some will not choose the way of peaceful and non-violent action. Therefore counter actions of the dark cabal/illuminati system will be severe. And we already seen abuse of power, police rage, police enforcement and tactics without respecting universal and unalienable and constitutional rights. We see laws and rulings that push the control even further. We have to respond in peaceful action and civil disobedience.

The energies will come to conclusion in the new months after June.  Things have been become clear. The points are made and now it is time to build the new on that. This will be the great legacy of this month. We get to a culmination point that makes sure we see that change has to be made as there is no other choice. This  is applicable for all levels and for sure  for you personally.  A hectic and exiting month is awaiting you.  In this we have as lightworkers, wayshowers, defenders of oaths and the constitutions in our way to freedom of mankind an enormous task ahead of us.

The things I wanna a remind you all of is:

Be balanced and be grounded. Think and act from your heart. Put the divine ‘You’  in front of everything. Do not get frustrated or fall back  into ego. Avoid been provoked or provoke others. Do not get personal. Respect others views and opinions even if they are not yours. Keep in mind giving negative attention or getting into negativity will attract a negative response.  Do not use violence or abusive language or non-peaceful actions. The way to act is seeking your brothers and sisters in light or those who have awakened and group up. Help each other in staying in the light and be love centered. Go planning action for the things you can do and you can change.

So not only going inwards in cleaning yourself from that what is not any more valid in this new age coming is needed.  You have to make also a contribution to the needed changes.  Contribute, help,  share  and surround people with light of love, whenever, wherever and by what means you can. Remember: ” The time is now and we are the ones we have been waiting for.” So the energies of June will get us a breakthrough and will make things clear in every way. From thereon we will proceed.

Love and Light,


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  2. Thank you for this info, helped put me back on track.. I’m definitley feeling all of a sudden very unbalanced, negative and very snappy/moody although I ‘thought’ my thoughts were positive :s very confusing emotions of late. I will use your advice!