Valerie Donner – Sanat Kumara – The Venus Mars Transit Is The Gateway To The Heart – 7 June 2012

I thought I would ask Sanat Kumara, who is called the Ancient of Days, to speak with us about the Venus Mars transit. He is from Venus and is responsible for the Earth’s ascension, as well as Venus’. This is what he has to tell you:

Greetings.  I am Sanat Kumara. I will give you a quick overview of the recent events that you are feeling. Some of you are more sensitive than others. The energies that you are feeling are part of the process of shifting your bodies and your consciousness. It is necessary for many cellular and DNA shifts to occur in order for you to receive the gifts and blessings of these energies.

You have different roles to play in this process. Some of you are transmitters of the currents of higher consciousness energies. This transmission must occur when you are in more of the alpha state of consciousness; therefore, you will be in an awakened consciousness. You volunteered for this job and we apologize for the challenges that are required of you.

Your brains are also being re-wired. Some of this work keeps you awake. Many of you are sensitive to the Light at night. You must try sleep in the dark because the Light could also contribute to your inability to sleep.

Just think about what it means to be a part of the “great awakening.” We are telling you this because you are already awake and helping to awaken the masses who don’t understand what is going on with the planet. It takes a lot of higher vibrational currents to carry the higher frequencies.

The Venus Mars transit is about softening the heart and allowing the divine feminine energies to become more of the healing and driving force for the Light on the Earth. You need to assimilate as much of this energy as possible. This transit will have a long term effect upon you and the Earth as well. Be receptive and call forth the full integration of these energies will all of your heart. As soon as you do this your situation will improve on all levels.

You may feel as if you don’t know what you are doing but you really do know. You have done this many times and are well trained. It is the body that is new to the process. Be open and don’t resist.

Thank you for all of the good work you are doing. We love and appreciate you greatly. link to original article


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