Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Your Journey to Oneness – 8 June 2012


Hello, my dear Ones, dear Ascending Souls that you are!  I greet you with such love and gratitude for the work you are doing to transmute the energies within yourselves and the planet. You are such precious and brave Beings, fulfilling your purpose and mission so gracefully and fully.

My love for you abounds, as does the love of every Celestial being and Galactic being, every Being, that is; we do not really have to differentiate anymore, except to be all-inclusive. You are all One with All That Is, and are increasing in Light every minute on this beautiful journey with Mother Earth on the path of Ascension.

I wish to speak with you today about purpose and Mission. It is sometimes a misunderstood concept. Allow me to illuminate this for you, if you will.

Across the Universes and across the Eons, you have toiled and grown away from Source, from your first stray from that light-filled Oneness. You agreed to do this and you were prepared to do this, and you were fully capable of doing this, and you experienced many things that you are beginning to realize the purpose of which was to bring you back to the Light and Oneness with even more Wholeness and Purity.

That is indeed your Mission, your purpose, and you are beginning to fathom the ramifications of all you have been through, dear friends. Your strength ensured your success, and your Love ensured your safety and protection. You were never alone, and you never really veered off-course, although it seemed, for much of the time, that you were lost.

You were not really lost; it was just necessary for you be fully immersed in the experience in order to reap the most value from it, for yourselves and for others, for the whole conglomeration of Souls in your united purpose and Mission.

Let no one tell you that you are less than Perfect and Stellar in this Mission. You are just beginning to see and remember all that you encompass, all that you are comprised of, dear Ones, my exalted Ascension Team. Yes, this is true. You are beginning to uncover and realize the Truth of it.

Please take care to honor, nourish and protect your physical bodies, for they are the vehicles, as you know, with which you are acknowledging and clearing these experiences you chose to carry you through Ascension and back to Oneness.

It may seem at times like your Light is spilling over and wanting to overtake this physical body of yours, bringing it up and out faster and faster while you experience the upper dimensions. It will seem at times like there are no boundaries or stability as you try out your wings, so to speak. Ascending in your physical body has required many adjustments, designed to bring you slowly but steadily up the ladder of Ascension.

Many of you will have experienced or are experiencing lapses of consciousness or disorientation while still playing out your “Jobs” or roles on the 3rd Dimensional level. Just go with it, and as I have mentioned before, please keep hydrated and as rested as much as possible. It is imperative now to favor high-vibrational, untainted, pure fruits and vegetables and to flow through your day with awareness, yet with as little constriction and restriction and resistance as possible. Easier said than done, but we see that you are all mastering this with much Grace and aptitude.

Be assured that you have made it through yet another energy upsurge and transformation and it is becoming more and more apparent to you that you are being gently washed ever out to the Sea of Ascension, where the hues and colors are becoming more and more brilliant and rich.

You are swimming beautifully and with such strength, and absorbing the deep rich hues of the rainbow as you journey along your path of Ascension.

We of the Spiritual and Galactic Realm salute you and offer our eternal and unflagging love and devotion.

I AM Sananda and I am forever at your service.

Thank you to Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda

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