Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Sananda – 8 June 2012

I come today to bring you a continuation of yesterdays message, this time with the words of the day and the interpretation of yesterdays message. It is one that was given in code so that you all could use that inner language to decipher what the essence of the message was telling you. I will now ease that message into your frankness and outer reality.
What you are to do these days is to see how your world is affecting you, and how much of that world is something that you have power over. It is essential that you observe what your inner power is doing to bring about your outer world. As you sit in your homes, or workplaces and ponder how your life is, it is vital that you see it in the energy of what you desire. It is one of the factors of creating your lives in a way that is in harmony with your inner knowing.
As you realize what is taking place in your daily existence you can see also what you can do to bring it into complete harmony. Ask yourself what it is that has created your life as it is. Is it because you have given it every ounce of your energy, or is it because you have allowed an outside energy to interfere and cloud your inner and outer vision? Once you have seen that in a way that is completely honest and forthright, then you will be able to see what it is that you can do to bring your life into balance and harmony.
If you feel that your outer life is indeed balanced and in harmony with what you desire and intend, then it is essential that you go through your days expressing that in your everyday living. As you do so, you will see that those around you will notice and take the steps that you have inspired them to. It may be very subtle to them and to you, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is a grounding that is in place, and you are both involved in the creation of the energetic responses. Your lives will reflect that which is flowing through your inner selves.
As this comes about in your lives and you take the measures necessary to bring harmony into your outer world, you will find that your heart will begin to soften to those out there who do not resonate with you. You will find that there is a more wide-open expanse between you and those who are not walking in their light.
As this happens, you may find yourself feeling more and more like reaching out to them with a fullness of love and a degree of knowing of why that love is present. Where once you felt disdain for those who are bringing about such chaos in the lives of humanity, you will feel like reaching out to them and emitting such a high degree of love to them that they may feel it and change their ways. You will feel that they are so lost in the outer world that they cannot find their way back unless someone reaches out to them with such a degree of love that is not to be denied.
What you will be doing, my dear one, is to emit this love out to all of humanity, for there really is no separation. You will be telling everyone that there is but one, and that as each of the parts of the one hears and feels the love that is generated, then so too will the doors be left open for all to feel it, even those who slammed it in their exit from themselves so long ago.
How would it feel to you to see someone out in the cold shivering and in need of a coat, or blanket to sooth the soul? How would it feel to throw them out a blanket to warm them up and allow them to go beyond the feeling of cold? Remember how it has been for you as a child to be left out in the cold and have to walk a long journey to return home to the welcome fires of love. This is how it is for so many who are in the cold, realizing that the only thing they can do to relieve themselves is to go on and do what they can do to forget how uncomfortable they are. They will go to any length to remove themselves from that cold, anything they can do such as snatching someone’s coat from their shoulders to relieve themselves of the discomfort, no matter what the other one will feel.
This is but a small example to you of what I am saying. To them it is the only example they can relate to, as cold as they are as to be out of reach of their inner warmth. It is time for you all to now reach out and offer them your coats. You know what I speak of, that blanket of warmth that touches the soul, and relieves the pain and discomfort that is not even realized. It spurs one beyond reason and into the limitedness of momentary disillusionment. That is stepping further and further away from the truth of what you are capable of. To pause for a moment and allow the inner voice to speak to you of its love is to allow all of humanity to speak in harmony and bring the curtain down on the outside world of disjointedness and fear.
It is time now my dear brothers and sisters to reach out from your inner love and embrace those who have so lost themselves to the fear of utter chill. They are in a moment to moment reality of having to never stop, never look inside themselves and see what is always there awaiting their acceptance. You are so full of the power of love that you can move mountains of fear aside and allow the light of love to shine forth and show them the other way of movement. You can show the way that will reunite them with their Source, which is the same Source for all of us.
I stand now in this place and I see what is taking place on the Internet and the outside world beyond it. I see that there are movements taking place that bear witness to what it is that so many of you want and intend for your lives. I also see that the girl and the boy in each of you is looking into the eyes of the other and seeing what it is that you allow yourselves to see. As you stand and exchange the looks of love and light you begin to feel that stretch and go beyond the boundaries you have planted in your lives. That is the inner you expressing in love and warmly providing a blanket of love for anyone in need.
Even the darkest and coldest of souls will respond when enough of the love and light is beamed forth to their presence. Stand in your love light and know that you are making a difference. Express forth in that love light and allow your actions to reflect that in every way. In that you will be walking in your trueness for all to see and feel. Then they too will spring forth, and will equal that which they feel in their path. That is the knowingness of being in the Now with the love of Source.
Thank you dear Sananda,
Love, Nancy Tate

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