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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Sananda – 8 June 2012

I come today to bring you a continuation of yesterdays message, this time with the words of the day and the interpretation of yesterdays message. It is one that was given in code so that you all could use that inner language to decipher what the essence of the message was telling you. I will now ease that message into your frankness and outer reality.
What you are to do these days is to see how your world is affecting you, and how much of that world is something that you have power over. It is essential that you observe what your inner power is doing to bring about your outer world. As you sit in your homes, or workplaces and ponder how your life is, it is vital that you see it in the energy of what you desire. It is one of the factors of creating your lives in a way that is in harmony with your inner knowing. Continue reading

Drake – You Can Vote Now On His Website Also – 8 June 2012

You Can Vote On Drakes Site Now by Drake

You can now vote on this site. Just click here and it will take you to the same information as was on the other site but without any added ads and also on a white background and black text.

The links on the site will also lead to this page as well, so you can send people to the homepage as well and they can arrive here:

Hope this makes it easier for those who were concerned about sending people there.

link to the voting on Drake’s website

Suzanne Lie – Ascending Gaia – 8 June 2012

I woke up this morning with an instruction to tell you all to gather in groups of four–four is the number of foundations–to assist in raising the foundation of the 3D/4D Matrix into the fifth dimension. How will you do this? Ask inside. Inside is where all the answers are.

I was instructed by the Arcturians last week to gather in a group of four and begin a Unity Consciousness creation. It does not matter what your creations, for whatever it is, the unity of your consciousness of four people serving as ONE vortex of unconditional love, will assist in raising Gaia’s consciousness, as well. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Leave The Beaten Path Behind – 8 June 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

The girl in the picture walks carefully down the trodden path where certainty lies with the knowing it will take her somewhere where others have safely gone. It is now time to step off the trodden path and find the courage to step into the deep grass, into the unknown. It is essential now we open up our minds to new ways of being, try new things, experiment. It is painfully obvious the old ways no longer work and in fact have become detrimental to our lives.  This is the long-awaited time for the visionaries to envision new ways we can live our lives in harmony with nature and know peace. There are new things and new ways of doing and being for everything we choose to eliminate, all that is needed is a good imagination and a true desire to see the world change! All things are possible if we use our intention. Life is now a blank pallet that we can fill with beautiful colors with a little effort. The days of settling for are over, the days of obtaining what our hearts desire are upon us. Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : Troika Continues To Use Flaky Bonds For Greek Bailout, Explosive US Report Explains Why – 8 June 2012



Confidential US management report shows how woefully tiny the EFSF is

Truth of Greek bailout hidden from MEPs Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Separating Time From Space With Creator Energy! – 8 June 2012

I am actually writing this blog over two days (yesterday and today) simply because I woke up too late yesterday and never came back and finished what I started.  So I am just going to show you the difference in the days by putting a part 1 and a part 2 together. (smile) Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson – Infowars.com – Lawsuit : TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public – 8 June 2012

TSA Directives” supersede Freedom of Information Act

The engineer who garnered global press attention by proving the TSA’s fleet of body scanners were completely useless is causing the federal agency more embarrassment – by highlighting the fact that the TSA argues that it can lie to the public for “security” reasons. Continue reading