Suzanne Lie – Ascending Gaia – 8 June 2012

I woke up this morning with an instruction to tell you all to gather in groups of four–four is the number of foundations–to assist in raising the foundation of the 3D/4D Matrix into the fifth dimension. How will you do this? Ask inside. Inside is where all the answers are.

I was instructed by the Arcturians last week to gather in a group of four and begin a Unity Consciousness creation. It does not matter what your creations, for whatever it is, the unity of your consciousness of four people serving as ONE vortex of unconditional love, will assist in raising Gaia’s consciousness, as well.
Just as our consciousness automatically expands when we are with a group of loving people working as ONE to create something together, so does the consciousness of Gaia. When you meet in your group of four, it does not matter if you are physically together. It is only important that your consciousness is merged into ONE Being of Light.
Then as ONE Being of Light, you all go into your higher states of consciousness and meet with each other, while you stay grounded to Gaia’s earth with your physical form. It may even be better if your groups meet in a non-physical manner, such as on the phone or via Skype.
The important thing that I am getting is that there are four people in the group, as 4 builds foundations. Once the four of you are together, unite your consciousness and then as ONE group raise your consciousness together–as ONE Being. Most important, don’t forget to take Gaia with you!
In fact, inviting Gaia into your group adds ONE Being to create five beings in your group. Your power of four united as ONE in love and surrender, can collect the fifth energy of Gaia to assist in raising Her 3D Matrix (which is now more 4D) into the fifth dimension.
I hear that we will be called upon a LOT now to assist with the Ascension. We, the members of humanity, were the ones who damaged our planet, and WE are the one who will clear it. Therefore,  I suggest that once you have expanded your unity consciousness into the fifth dimension, that you use the Venusian Healing Technique (that I wrote about in my last blog) to heal any given area of Gaia’s planet on an energetic level.
I recap that message below with the necessary changes to make the healing for our dear, Mother Earth:
It is up to the group to decide if you want to all heal the same area or each of you heal a different area. You can feel the wounding that you wish to heal on the Gaia’s body resonating within you, and send your uncoditional love into this wound that has diminished Gaia’s ability to return to Her fifth dimensional SELF.
As you look into Gaia’s aura, see the circuitry of fear that has collected around Her wound that your group has dedicated to heal. You must clear this fear before your healing will be complete, for fear is the foundation of ALL wounding. The best way to heal the fear is to change the purpose of this wounding.
Instead of allowing this wounding to be a block to planetary ascension, you will transmute this wounding int  a portal for multidimensional communications and return to the fifth dimension. We say this, because humanity has created similar wounds in your myriad incarnations on 3D Earth. Remember, even though your earth vessels are different, you are the same Soul in every incarnation.
As you see Gaia’s wound before you, you can see the dissonant circuitry, as well as how it is attached to Gaia’s aura.  It may also be attached to YOU, if you live in that area.
That cause of the wounding on the body of Gaia  resonates to the lowest frequency of red light.
See the area of red light, dampened by streaks of grey and black, and focus your united attention on breathing the blue light of Divine Love and Guidance into the dirty red of your wounding.
As a group, you observe as the blue light changes the grey streaks into pure red.
With your united intention, combine the blue light with the clear red light…
Using your united force of four, you will observe how the red and blue create purple.
Now send you magnificently combined force of four,  breathe the light pink of unconditional love into the wounding to transmute the purple to violet…
The frequencies of blue, Divine Love, and clear red, Vitality, combine to create the color purple, which is changed into violet with your combined unconditional love.
Then call in Beloved St. Germain and say in ONE voice…
Blaze, Blaze, Blaze
The Violet Fire
Transmuting ALL shadow
Into Light, Light, Light
 Now,  use your collective mind to imagine that the entire wound is resonating to the violet color/frequency.
In this manner you can transmute a wounding that has hindered Gaia’s return to the fifth dimension into a Multidimensional Portal through which people and planet can return HOME!
I will create a meditation for this and post it as a download, if you wish to use that as a “rehearsal” mechanism. However, when your group actually does the ceremony, please go inside and listen to the Force of your Unified Wisdom, Power and Love.
The above process can be used to transmute any trauma at an energetic level. In other words:
  • You can perceive any area of your personal or planetary body (remember WE ARE the planet)
  • See the emanation of red light at the site of the wounding.
  • Then breathe blue light onto that area to create the violet light of transmutation.
  • Then Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire, Transmuting ALL Shadow into Light, Light, Light
Any area of our personal and/or planetary body that holds trauma creates resistance,  because resistance is a form of protection for that wounded area. Resistance creates heat and a radiation of red energy patterns. If you see any of these patterns during your daily life, please take a brief moment to repeat this healing.
When you give Divine Love to the red “stop sign” of resistance, which is actually protection against further wounding, the blue merges with the red to create the violet of transmutation.
Then, whenever you perceive wounding on your personal and/or planetary body, you can transmute that wound into an inter-dimensional portal through which Person and Planet as ONE can Ascend.
If any of you would be interested in joining with me in groups of four, please email me at  There is NO fee for assisting Gaia. In the end, it is up to US, the ordinary people that are the greatest majority of Gaia’s humanity.
Therefore, WE are the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle.
Separated we are “only one” but United we are THE GREAT FORCE OF THE ONE!
Blessings We are ONE

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