Visionkeeper – Leave The Beaten Path Behind – 8 June 2012

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The girl in the picture walks carefully down the trodden path where certainty lies with the knowing it will take her somewhere where others have safely gone. It is now time to step off the trodden path and find the courage to step into the deep grass, into the unknown. It is essential now we open up our minds to new ways of being, try new things, experiment. It is painfully obvious the old ways no longer work and in fact have become detrimental to our lives.  This is the long-awaited time for the visionaries to envision new ways we can live our lives in harmony with nature and know peace. There are new things and new ways of doing and being for everything we choose to eliminate, all that is needed is a good imagination and a true desire to see the world change! All things are possible if we use our intention. Life is now a blank pallet that we can fill with beautiful colors with a little effort. The days of settling for are over, the days of obtaining what our hearts desire are upon us.

It is time to jump off the path and start thinking outside the box. We need to stop continuing to live life according to the dark ones rules. This is YOUR life and you should be able to live it as you choose. If the world won’t provide it for you just yet, be patient and begin by changing your immediate life around you, at home. Disconnect from the matrix and create what you desire. Grow your own food instead of being continually poisoned by the foods in the grocery stores. Use alternative energy sources if possible, teach your own children instead of them being brain washed at school, ride a bike when you can or walk, and remember to feed your soul with beautiful things around you, grow flowers.

Life is not working 9-5 and watching propaganda on tv for the rest of the time! Go off the beaten path and try new things. Everyday do one new thing and work your way up. Drive an unfamiliar road and see where it takes you, order a new dinner when you go out to eat instead of the same old thing. We are creatures of habit and this can be dangerous. Our minds get lazy and we see things only a certain way. We need to be free-flowing like the wind, able to blow in any direction the currents take us with no resistance. To fight to hold onto the old, the familiar, is a waste of precious energy. The old ways are ending now as we head into a new paradigm, let us be open to all that is offered and move forward. To stay locked into the old paradigm is to go down with the sinking ship.

How can we truly discover who we are if we are never courageous enough to try new things? If we don’t challenge ourselves and move beyond our comfort zones, we never learn new things about ourselves. Try wearing new colors, a new hair style, move to a new location that makes your heart happy. Do anything new, just break the pattern, get yourselves unstuck so you can begin to view yourself and the world with new eyes, from a new perspective. You cannot change yourself if you stay stuck in the same old mindset. If you think about it is amazing we are so eager to remain captive in our oppressed worlds. Like the laboratory testing animals suddenly set free at last only they are afraid to leave the cages they have been locked in for eternity. We must free ourselves first, only then will humanity begin to free itself as well as more and more wake up and we finally tip the scales in our favor.

Blessings to you all,

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