Janet Pehlan – VT – Protest In Front Of San Bernadino Court House On 21 June – 9 June 2012

A demonstration will take place at noon on Thursday, June 21, in front of San Bernardino Courthouse, located at 351 N. Arrowhead in San Bernardino, California.

This action is planned to draw attention to the breakdown of the rule of law in the courtroom of Judge Michael Welch, probate judge for SB County. The action is timed to coincide with a hearing in the Conservatorship of Lois Risse, wherein the conservator is seeking to overturn a twenty- eight year old deed of sale in order to return the property into the conservatorship, so that the conservator can get a reverse mortgage to pay for her services.

Clearly, if a deed of sale, executed decades ago and duly recorded, can be overturned because the seller is now under a conservatorship and the conservator wishes access to the property value for her own enrichment, then no property, anywhere, is safe and no deed of sale can be considered final.

All concerned about the breakdown of rule of law and also issues relevant to the economy and property are invited to attend. Bring your picket sign! Tell your friends! The hearing on petition to determine title will take place at 1:30 in Department  S16P.  Demonstrators are encouraged to attend the hearing.

For further information, please call Janet at 541 708-3534.

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