John Ward – Euroblown : Merkel The Merciful Offers Athens A Clear Choice… – 9 June 2012

The Angela of Death

…stay in the eurozone and die, or leave the eurozone and be poor.

I wonder if ‘choice’ is perhaps the most twisted reinvention of a word in the history of language. Jeremy *unt is a great choice driveller: choice of 56 Murdoch Channels all showing braindead soft-porn sh*te. Lansley is another one: choice in the health services available to all. Bollocks: the choice is between having money and getting some service, or the opposite of that.

Angela Merkel, however, has topped everyone for utterly crass, inflexible neo-Nazi hypocrisy this weekend. This is a direct quote from a speech she made yesterday:

“What we have always said is that we want Greece to remain a member of the eurozone. The precondition for that to succeed is that the future Greek government sticks to the memorandum that was agreed with the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and the European Commission.”

Or, put another way:

“In order to stay in the eurozone you must freeze all your old people, make everyone unemployed, empty the hospital budgets, bad-debt the pharmacies, and starve all the mental patients”.

Personally, I wouldn’t give the Sprout-Kraut axis of granite stupidity four plastic buttons with no holes in to be in the eurozone, let alone stay there. What is it about our materialistic West these days that even the emptiest threat involving money-loss is enough to convince people to join a dying empire busy shooting itself in every important body part?

One is reminded about the PoW camp joke, when the Kommandant announces to the chaps that “Today izz ze fuhrer’s Birssday, zo every man vill haff a change of clothes. Hut 29 vill change clothes vizz Hut  42….”

Just to reiterate for one last time before moving on from this mercifully brief visit to Bedlam: the Greek elite borrowed too much and embezzled a fair proportion of the money; both the ECB and US banks hard-sold them those loans at cheap rates; the French and Germans sold the Greeks €165bn of arms they did not need, insisted they stick to the purchase, and sprayed corrupt backhanders everywhere in order to speed the deal through; Goldman Sachs were paid by the Greek elite to teach them how to cheat Brussels; the French and Germans bottled on the original highly unwise decision to let the ClubMeds into the euro, because they were in love with their poxy toytown currency; the austerity ‘strategy’ is killing every economy to which it has been applied; and the Spaniards have been just as lax (and mendacious), but they will face few if any of the punishments shouldered by Greece.

The people of Greece are being bullied by Sprout cowards, blamed by neurotic Kraut tabloids, lectured by the French whose banks lent money more recklessly than anyone else – and punished both for the dishonesty of their own politicians, and megalomania of the Franco-German europhile madhouse.

But nil desperandum fellow Island Racers, because Big Brother Scameron is going to protect us from the ickid-wicked nasty smelly bogey men he is so and he’s bigger than Mrs Merkel and he will bash her up and he will become our hero and then we will all eat cake for ever and ever we will too because my mum told me so. link to original article


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