MetaRising – Documentary – Reality And The Extended Mind (2 Parts Video)- 9 June 2012

Part 1. Uploaded  by on 7 Augustus 2011.

Part 2. Uploaded by on 14 December 2011.

Reality and the Extended Mind is a non-profit documentary by metaRising.

As an increasing number of academics acknowledge the findings erupting from psi research, quantum mechanics and many other areas of science, thinkers are coalescing on a new description of reality.

This new description of reality signals paradigm shifts in several scientific fields, and notably the necessity for a new model of consciousness.

My book, Reality and the Origins of Consciousness dives into these mysterious new waters, attempting to give a lucid account of these ideas, following a skeptical, open-minded and secular approach.
The insights awaiting us will be profound, corresponding with dramatic shifts in the way we see and interact with the world.

You can now read the first chapter of this book online at

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