Visionkeeper – Make Your Life Mean The Most It Can – 9 June 2012

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Just as the picture says, life will one day whiz by on our way out. I for one wish to see a movie of authentic happenings and few regrets. One of the pitfalls to the dark ones numbing of humanity has been unfortunately that we begin to take life for granted and stop trying to make every moment the best we can. We are far too numbed out to think about it much less care.

‘There is always tomorrow’ seems to be the mindset we are stuck in. This way of thinking erodes life’s worth and everything melts together into a meaningless blur. The moments Near Death Survivors speak of are what we all should be living and experiencing every moment of our lives. In order to live this way, it seems obvious we need to learn to appreciate life and all it has to offer. We have lost our appreciation and gusto. So how do we get it back you ask? I cannot say for certain, but I would venture to guess it begins with living from your heart again and getting out of your mind. Living life with purpose, that purpose being to love yourself and all others, to love and respect the earth and her nature creatures, to be helpful and giving of ourselves to others and for us to try to always be the best we can be, expanding our consciousness and questing to be one with all.

It astounds me we fell so far from Grace that we allowed a black mechanical box(tv) to steal our lives and pull us far away from all that is important, from the very essence of who we are. And we all went willingly. If you look closely at our past evolution you can see the insidious slow motion mind control that has crept into us over the years, like reeling in a large fish at sea. Slowly and methodically one must reel their captor in while they tire it out from the battle.  The further in we were reeled, the further away from source we became. This is where we begin then, by trying to reconnect with what matters in life and disconnecting from what doesn’t. First we must know ourselves and know what matters in our own lives. What are our priorities?

There is so much truth in realizing that helping others brings great joy within. Reaching out to others in need is empowering, for you not only help them but you help yourself in the process. Respect is another major cornerstone to living a good life. Respect yourself, respect ALL others and respect the earth and the animal kingdom. For decades we have abused the world on so many levels. It is a disgrace and if we do not realize this and stop what we are doing, we cannot save ourselves. The earth will heal herself, but will we heal ourselves? It begins with each of us and expands outward into humanity. We have been brainwashed into ignoring respect for others and this is criminal. Without respect the world cannot remain balanced and without balance there can be no peace.

If we don’t care about ourselves, how in heaven’s name can we care about the world and all that resides upon it ? Once again we are shown that all change must start with ourselves first! In order to care about the world we must learn how to have compassion for ourselves first. It all begins at home. If you want to see the environment respected and tended well, begin with the space around your home no matter how small. If you live in an apartment building even you can help by placing a flowering plant on your doorstep to add color and cheer and love. Every small step we make to better the world adds up to a lot. Never think you can’t make a difference. We all can and do, one step at a time.

So as the old saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  Think positive, have a deep conviction about what you are doing for yourself and for the world, put your heart into it and remain open, showing the universe you are willing to accept what it has to offer. No ifs, ands or buts, you need to remain open to going with the flow no matter where the wind disperses you to. If you live by these simple life laws all will be well and life will hold deep meaning and purpose for you. You can never go wrong where love is involved!!

Blessings to you all,

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