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Lucas – The USA Returning To The Great World Empire Of The Queen?! – 10 June 2012

The USA Returning To The Great World Empire Of The Queen?!

You might not have known this because you could not find the documents or haven’t heard about it in your history class or there was  no mentioning in your curriculum at school at all about it. The info is found in the Congressional Records. Continue reading


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Rajoy Proclaims “Victory, Says It’s Not A Bailout “It’s A Credit Line”; Existing Bondholders Subordinated – 10 June 2012

In the too stupid to make up category, Rajoy defends ‘victory’ for EU credibility

Mariano Rajoy, the embattled Spanish prime minister, has defended the eurozone’s €100bn bailout for Spanish banks as a victory for European credibility.

He repeated Spanish assertions that the EU aid was different from the full bailout programmes previously provided to Greece, Ireland and Portugal by the EU and the International Monetary Fund, which involved detailed austerity targets and monitoring. Continue reading

Montague Keen – 10 June 2012


The truth of this statement cannot be emphasised enough. I have tried, since my passing, to encourage you to determine the truth of who you are. Continue reading

Frederick Bastiat -The Moral Underpinnings Of Law (PDF) – 10 June 2012

Jordan Maxwell has great information on his site for you to read and see. http://www.jordanmaxwell.com

Frederick Bastiat’s classic on the moral underpinnings of law. Jordan Maxwell  says this is an “absolute must-read” to understand law. Here is the PDF downloadable PDF: link to PDF


Abacus Bank Indicted For Mortgage Fraud; More Prosecutions To Come? – 10 June 2012

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Jordan Maxwell – You Are Property Of The Rothschild Family! – 10 June 2012

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Drake And Company – Update – Global Voice Radio Network – 10 June 2012

Link to the 10 June 2012 Drake And Company on Global Voice Radio Network

An update from Drake about the voting etc.

Corrine Switzer – Spirit Awareness In Relation To The Neutrino Versus The Photon – 10 June 2012

A neutrino is a subatomic particle that exists in the atom as it continually flows through all things as well. Another confirmation that we are spirit light swimming in the consciousness of God.

The neutrino and the photon are essentially the same, but the difference between a neutrino and a photon is that the neutrino is a photon that has lost its pulse (loss of electrons), therefore allowing it to move even faster than light. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – 10 June 2012 : Flare Confusion, Disaster Report – 10 June 2012

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Larry Larson – The Twelve Insight Journal – 10 June 2012

When we speak to you of thought, we are referring to your entire vibrational field of thought, and not just the verbal-rational stuff that rattles around in your head. Those thoughts are a secondary process, after-the-fact of your vibration. You access your vibration on a feeling level. And feeling is your indicator of the content of your total vibration (read directly from your vibrational transmitter), the exact same signal as is being sent to the Universe. Continue reading