Corrine Switzer – Spirit Awareness In Relation To The Neutrino Versus The Photon – 10 June 2012

A neutrino is a subatomic particle that exists in the atom as it continually flows through all things as well. Another confirmation that we are spirit light swimming in the consciousness of God.

The neutrino and the photon are essentially the same, but the difference between a neutrino and a photon is that the neutrino is a photon that has lost its pulse (loss of electrons), therefore allowing it to move even faster than light.

A neutrino cannot be held in physical matter whereas a photon can, allowing consciousness to interact within physical matter. Without the charge of electrons, the spirit consciousness of light (photons) cannot project into physical matter and interact with it to much degree, but the spirit can travel through bi-location, etc. and be in relation to other consciousness and an exchange of information via/within the neutrino.

Hence “being everywhere but no place in particular,” we can merge in that meditative state to release the stress on the spirit to perform in physical matter, also working on the higher quantum level of consciousness.

So, in essence, the photon is active consciousness in connection with the ‘mothership’ of the collective consciousness “soul” via the neutrino. A neutrino is that kind of link between consciousness and matter on the atomic level and which assists in those types of phenomena known as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the mechanics of teleportation.

Bridging the gap between the conscious and the higher quantum field as linking through the neutrino allows entities to gain certain types of psychic power force which can be used for influencing mind over matter or remote viewing.

Visualization techniques, with only pure thought devoid of negative consciousness, can sustain this level to any degree to actualize matter in the physical plane. The higher quantum field is a sacred, protected area subject to the discernment and interaction of the divine when working on this high level of co-creation.

Inspiration may very well be insights and motivation from this sacred level of the higher (more intrinsic) motivation of the prime mover (God) in connection with one’s higher self. link to original article

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