Larry Larson – The Twelve Insight Journal – 10 June 2012

When we speak to you of thought, we are referring to your entire vibrational field of thought, and not just the verbal-rational stuff that rattles around in your head. Those thoughts are a secondary process, after-the-fact of your vibration. You access your vibration on a feeling level. And feeling is your indicator of the content of your total vibration (read directly from your vibrational transmitter), the exact same signal as is being sent to the Universe.

The thoughts that you have after-the-fact are more like justifications; rationalizations of what you were really feeling and transmitting. It’s like the excuses you make for not entering the “spooky” building, and the logical things you try to think of to explain it to yourself. Rational-verbal thoughts are the stories you make up, the ghost stories and “scientific” explanations that you tell, to explain why you feel the way you feel.

Your newspapers are filled with those stories that try to explain why this happened, or that happened; or why this might happen; or if we allow this, then that will surely happens. You attempt to ban things or people from doing this, that, or the other, because of those fears…but what is really happening is you are sending a signal to the Universe on a visceral feeling level from the core of the being that is saying, “Send this thing to me that I don’t want.”

That’s the real core. And it belongs to each individual one of you who thinks the spooky thoughts. All those people and events you fear are of your own creation. There are no forces at play in your Universe that you did not launch into play through your own pre-verbally launched, visceral, core thought-vibration.

We want to leave you with practical steps for dealing with this.  So, first of all, you must have the intention of mindfulness throughout your day. Specifically that means going through your day consciously aware of the feeling-visceral response you are having to life; not just the secondary thoughts that you think.

And then breathe and relax at every step. This is the core practice of the Yoga of Positive Thought. Just as you stretch your body into a new position in the practice of Hatha Yoga, and then breathe and relax your way into it; you must breathe and relax your way into new patterns of bodily-visceral, preverbal thought responses to your world and life experience.

Blessings on your journey,


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