Lucas – The USA Returning To The Great World Empire Of The Queen?! – 10 June 2012

The USA Returning To The Great World Empire Of The Queen?!

You might not have known this because you could not find the documents or haven’t heard about it in your history class or there was  no mentioning in your curriculum at school at all about it. The info is found in the Congressional Records.

In 1940 the USA Congress was discussing the fact of returning to a British Union under the British Monarch and furthermore a World State (say NWO – New World Order) and International strife. This maybe a surprise to you or maybe not. It makes an interesting read. With the  Congressional Record (PDF) that you can download via’s link I provide here: link to PDF Congressional Record USA, monday 19 august 1940 you have a starting point.

I leave you with some thoughts about the NWO that was not for the first time mentioned but was already seeded in the fascist Third Reich idea of Adolf Hitler in the Thirties. Before that we had the empires of Charlemagne and the Empires of the Greeks, Romans, Pharaohs, etc. All empires and world order systems failed eventually. The last enslavement and control system of this world would be the prophecy of the NWO – The New World Order, so the dark cabal and illuminati belief. The attempt to create this NWO  is made in several ways for the last decades. We leave aside for a moment the enslavement and control via the financial debt-system and let you see the development of the The New World Order in systems like the  EU (European Union), the ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), the African Union , The Canadian/USA/ Mexican Treaty zone (NAFTA) and as a first failed and now last resort the UN – United Nations with their NWO via Agenda 21.

Maybe a lot of information for you. Just go and read.  All the zones I talk about have or are about to have a centralized governance structure, a court, an army and a  law-enforcement agency and their own communal coin or currency (in the making or intended). Maybe you get the bigger picture now. This world is  ruled by so-called democratic institutions that are all pulled out of the hat by treaties. Those treaties get quickly ratified with or without  misleading info to the public and  to parliaments to bypass the democratic rights and vote of you the people.  This is how the EU was built as an example for all the others.

The troubles for the dark cabal and illuminati now is not succeeding in their agenda and that  is what they are scared about.  The ultimate plans that the illuminati and dark ones had for us are prevented for the time being. The back up plan is still the agenda of the United Nations that is building a NWO. With agenda 21 the UN is steering via environmental issues towards a World Constitution, the court is already in place in the Hague (International Court) in The Netherlands and the troops and enforcement can be called in via the UN-Troops forming the army or strong-arm. The Council and President are already in place. Only no parliament as that is not required in a dictatorial world. Right!

You can argue about the so-called globalist movement and their intentions. Some may well have been thinking that a global governance of certain things is a great idea. That idea stops being great when the corporations and other non- democratic chosen or even appointed groups or persons are in charge of a system that has only the intention of enslaving, controlling the world for their own benefits.  We the people are in charge not corporations or entities. We have the unalienable rights by our divine creator given and nobody can take them away from us.  Just remember that.

So I leave you with the read and the thoughts. Please keep the comments to yourselves. Ponder on it. Go decide what you can do to change this world corporation governed by some sick people.

Love and Light,


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