Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 11 June 2012

Opportunities mix with challenges during this bi-polar type week of ups and downs giving each of us our mastership training in attuning to a new lens of perception that is quite different than the former lens that much of humanity has used during past and current incarnations. Though this new view may be the cause of some irritation, even jolts of depression and confusion, it’s a blessing. I promise you. Be patient, be curious and don’t turn your back on your Light dynamics as it is attempting to adjust itself.

This next phase of discovery brings with it more – yes, more intense paradigm-shattering energy than we are accustomed to. If you are looking for one of the more uplifting times of the entire year, it’s just arrived with a celestial fanfare (June 4th).  By the way, this was the same day that Barack Obama became the clear candidate for the Democratic Party in the United States. The invisible dimensions of awareness and expanded consciousness have made it to the planning tables of all social and public activities. And by the way, as a new vision of perception and responsibility utilize us for a higher purpose you can expect an increase in tensions and anxieties as the old forces of power resist the impulse for spiritual evolution. They are invested in continuing their lies through the misappropriation of information in order to retain control. Their job, however, is getting much more difficult.

Personally for each of us this new perception of creation will bring up new inquiries as to purpose, mission, the illusion, belief systems, current life situations, jobs, partnerships and more. We are learning how to use the grand tools that our multidimensionality affords us. Piece that together with all aspects of our soul on all levels of Creation and we are inclined to stop chasing down Truths from outside sources and live a more peaceful coexistence that no longer compromises the Divine expression that we are . . . thus the search for truer answers.

Now more than any other time in our numerous earthly incarnations there is the greater need to deeply come to understand ALL of the intricacies of our multi-dimensional nature and our souls in ways we have rarely if ever done before. Subconsciously feeling this, many are realizing that we must take lengths of time away from our day-to-day activities to reflect on who we really are, what we truly desire, and come into rapport and repair with our body, mind, spirit, and emotions far away from the programmed minds and influence of others. Why? Because we can no longer afford, or tolerate getting trapped in an illusion that has been set up to keep us separate from our authentic identity.

When we call forth the Soul each day with the intention of connection to collect, honor, embrace, love, acknowledge and reintegrate all of the parts of it that have split off due to its many, many, many karmic journeys we become clearer. When we proclaim and hold as TRUE that we are Spirit’s Pure essence individualized in human form and deserve to be free of any and all entrapments then we shatter paradigms of compromise and sabotage.

This life is about seeing through and then taking apart (not just piercing the veil) a masterfully planned illusion so we can know for the first time in human history what it means to be liberated while in form. Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Divine Everything is ready to be RE-MEMBERED, RE-STORED, RE-ACTIVATED. This life is about making it one to be harmonious with, powerful with, at peace with, proud of and in awe of!

So it is time to enter the gauntlet of initiation knowing who you truly are, protecting who you truly are without fear, calling forth all memories and records that belong to you and claim dominion and responsibility over all your creative expressions. No more compromising with your Life Force. No more allowing chaotic energies to interface with you. No more 3-D grime on your lens of perception. All your energy and focus no longer dissipated by negative forces and technologies. You are now able to move forward into totality, into your very preciousness, into placement of honor, and placement of Light to sit at the summit of your humanness.

June has just delivered an energy field where entire levels of consciousness are transformed and transferred into the next level of their journey. Be content to coast this week – get a sense of what is un-doing and completing in your domain. Notice the new subtle vibrations that encircle you transmitting the Allness that you have forgotten you are. Take moments to experience the flowing trueness of your Being without end. These are the conscious steps that will help to integrate the latest evolutionary swells of wisdom, light, and love on Earth.

Get ready to become what you are in truth my friends,

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article

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