Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – How You Love Being Dazzled – 11 June 2012

God said:

Let the fires in your heart settle down. Let the embers cool. Be at peace. Fires have to burn out. Peace and love stay cool. Peace and love witness themselves quietly. Peace and love do not work up a storm. It is something else besides peace and love that work up a storm.

If you saw peace as better than conflagration, you would have peace. You don’t have to be fired up. When you do not feel a need to be fired up, then you would know peace. Peace would become a cooling stream for you. You would no longer be hot under the collar. You would sit on a lounge chair in front of a cooling stream. Peace would wipe your brow. Love would stir you and cool you down.

Peace and love put out fires. With peace and love, fires wouldn’t start. There would be calm. You would be calm, and your calmness would reach far, and you would be a peace-giver.

Love and peace are not overshadowing. Infatuation is overshadowing. The thing with overshadowing is that it cannot last. Love can.

Peace and love are not steaming pots that rattle their lids. Love, like peace, is cooling. Love is not unsettled, nor is love unsettling. We are speaking of love and not crushes. Unless love is love, it is a crush. If you feel beside yourself with love, then that is a crush. Love lasts. Crushes don’t, so I hear and so I see.

In crushes, everything is more wonderful than you dreamed of. Everything goes your way. Of course, you love being the subject of intense attention. Of course, you love being the object of love. Of course, you love being dazzled. Dazzlement doesn’t last. Love does. Dazzlement always needs more fuel. Love carries its own self.

Love is much more like the still waters. Still waters run deep. Mad splashing on the surface is not love, not as I know love. Love is cream and milk. Love isn’t boiling water too hot to pick up. Love is just right. Its temperature is medium.

It is wonderful when someone pours you cream and milk. It is also wonderful when you pour the milk and cream. Let milk and cream flow from your heart. You don’t really want to be just a pretty object. You want more. You want to give more. You are not sitting in front of a camera. You are not posing. You are not having your picture taken. You are often behind the scenes where you serve.

You deserve all the appreciation in the world. You also deserve to give that same appreciation.

Being in love is not the same as love. Being in love is tremulous and tends to burn itself out. Love is tremendous. Being in love is fly by night. Love sticks around. Love is not lightning fire. It is not drama. It is a quiet walk down a road.

Love is appreciation. If today love cannot quite appreciate, then love can be grateful for all the love that it gave and all the love received, and so you ride over bumps because that is what love does. This is what your love does. Love is in it for the long haul. Love is not starry-eyed, and yet love comes to the fore, and you share the love from your heart the way you would share a spoon.

You are grown-up now, and you are a giver of love in perfection and in imperfection. You are a Divine Being. You do know love and how to give it. link to original article

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