Jack Bauer – Community Call – The American Reconstruction Project – EPISODE #127 – 11 June 2012

Talkshoe Radio – Simply trying to return America to what our Forefathers tried to give U.S.Hosted by: Jack Bauer/  Link to Talkshoe Radio Show – Jack Bauer’s – The American Reconstruction Project of 9th June 2012

Here is the download link : http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-74235/TS-632483.mp3

Lucas:  Stu Webb is talking about the scams played on us and of his truth in this. I recommend your own discernment in this. It goes in  against Benjamin Fulford and Drake’s  convictions and lots of us readers.  But he may be right in the Dinar story.  I myself really believe in the original NESARA Law that is not been tampered with. As indeed there were a lot of scams and still are. It is difficult for a lot of us to see the ligth in the dark in the conflicting stories and info. All I promised you to do is bring you the news. You have to make up your own minds. I do not do it for you.  Even as I have my own opinion on things.


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