Janice Collins – Suddenly, By Grace – 11 June 2012

still me, hold me,
while I wrap you in my softness,
insides crying, lying here with you
beside this morning’s distant memory
where once we came together,
we came together! do you remember?

now, in this morning’s light and wondering,
I seem to see you there again,
those sighs, our breathing quick – uncaring
about the morning and light
it was just night
wrapped in each little finger touch we shared

but who cares? what does it matter?
this bitter chatter is only the mind
and so I say to my heart, “find me
take me to where you are
show me what love would do
with these moments quite simply, so few!”

and my heart answers:  ”I say
away with memory, or hope for later
or any thinking of nonexisting time,
come, let’s flee together to Now,
– to Its delights
not even knowing why or how
just one instant’s letting go
can bring such bliss!”

so armed with this, I whisper: “lover
so tender – your fingertip touch,
your waking glance and sweet little hugs
these morning touches are soooo enough,
enough – could make this whole lifetime new
should I be totally one with you”


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