Lisa Gawlas – Activation Of The Womb Of Creation Is Under way!! – 11 June 2012

Can you feel all the finishing touches being done to your energy field?  All the last bits of the DNA add-on’s are being downloaded with intensity.   The field that I read from is changing and morphing so much every day it is really hard to keep up with!  To share with you what has been happening today almost becomes moot tomorrow.  But we are indeed reaching the grand finish line.

I have said before, I take on so much information thru any given day, by the time weeks or a month rolls by, I have forgotten so much of what I had understood thru it all.  So when I am reading and seeing something, often times it looks like new information… very much like the solstice energy coming up on the 20th of this month.  It is only this morning do I realize the profoundness of it all.

For months now I have been seeing magnetic poles aligned in various months thru the rest of this year.  I never really understood what they really meant to us, until now.  I have been seeing the June 20th dateline as one of the most intense influx of magnetic energy I have ever seen.  I also understand that this portal of energy will provide in complete fullness the big energy switch to turn every single aspect of our energy fields on to be fully used.  Since the solar eclipse we have had little switches turned on, allowing more and more use of our full energy bodies, other points along the way, releasing more energy.  Each step of the way seems to have created an internal “wobble” without our own bodies, our own lives.  Just as we get steady again… more light codes are connected and wham another switch goes on and we wobble again.

June 20th is the first of a series of magnetic activation’s.  From there on out, we will be amplified as opposed to completely rewired and restructured.

I see this particular portal/magnetic pole as a serious down spout of pure magnetic energy that goes down into the earth and move up and thru every living thing on earth.  A true and utter amplification of all the energy work done to date.  We are already feeling the back flow of this intense trigger point in life.  If you are not feeling it yet, you will!!  Remember energy is released in waves and we are all standing on different points of the shore… but let me assure you, no one or no thing will be missed in this cosmic release of magnetic sealant, amplification!!

Pay attention to your inspirations each passing day.  These are your new codes coming on-line.  Please don’t just sit there with this live wire in your hands, take action… any action and find out how you are going to plug it into the All.  The full details of how are released with each purposeful footstep!!

I remember last year, getting peeks into the potentials of this year thru so many readings and it seemed all eyes thru out the universe were set on June.  June had consistently been shown as the month of full activation for what I call Divine Counterpart energy to start coming together.   This activation is surely underway!!

I have been seeing in readings this week a significant shift in partnership energy.  Primarily thru people who have been married to a spouse who has not been a full on conscious participant in this greatest light show on earth.   These semi-sleeping spouse are about to get the awakening of their lives!!  If you are married to one… hold onto them tight!

I am going to share two images that came thru this week in relationship of how this is happening.  One lady I had read for is married to her husband for 31 years (I think it was that long) and I could see an elf looking creature chiseling a field of light on her right side that looked like it was going to be a super white glowing body once this elf is finished with his handy work.  Let me tell you, every elemental on earth is working overtime these days!!  We eventually understood it was her husband being chiseled into a solid Light god for her experience!  I think a second honeymoon is in order for many people!!!

But the one I read for yesterday, thank god she loves and trusts me enough to not have gotten offended by what I had seen.

Let me walk you thru this whole, incredible visual and understandings that came with it all!!

She was standing a foot into that new frequency band of energy in the upper atmosphere and I could not take my eyes off her head.  I could see every neuron within her brain as if it was creating her new hair (external as opposed to inside the skull.)  At the end of every neuron was a tiny little red heart.  She looked like a version of Medusa in love!!  I could feel the field not wanting to take her into her future potentials beyond the Solstice time, instead, we pulled her into my kitchen so we can have a fuller view of her body.  That alone should have come with a warning!!!

I could see the intensity of energy in her throat, her self-expression amplified and solidified by the neuron-ic pathway of love on her head!!

As I made my way down her body I came to something that surprised me.  Her sacral chakra (just below the belly button) was a pool of liquid orange energy.  There was this thing sticking out, completely black (black only because it has not been activated/used yet) and reminded me of a sling shot.  Suddenly I remembered Archangel Michael’s very odd message to me and my blue-eyed piece of heaven, when I asked him why he melded into us thru that Eye of Horus Meditation.  Besides swinging out (I was using my pendulum to chat with him) “I am with you he started a second sentence that left us both baffled.  He said “today starts Y.”   What the hell is Y?  Yes?? (Swinging to the letter y is our abbreviated version of answering yes to a question.)  Maybe a crossroads??  I think we already crossed that road tho!!  He never did explain just repeatedly swung with all his energy to the Y over and over again.

It was only the next day, thru a custom made “holy shit” energy massage session for my blue-eyed wonder, did I really start to understand the Y.  As I sat down to do some serious energy work thru his feet, Michael once again sat in me (not just on me.)  When I do energy work thru the feet I always work both feet at once first.  I can feel the subtle energetic differences of energies flowing thru a persons spiritual side as well as the physical life side for the purpose of restoring energetic balance.  When I was in the position of sitting on my massage stool, my arms extended to each of his feet and AA Michael sitting in my position… I suddenly remembered the Y.  Two humans bound together by spirit.  This was exactly what her sling shot version of the Y represented.  I was soooooooo excited to see that!!  Not that I really understood what it meant to her, but the universe was not about to be shy in letting us both know fully what it meant!

As we were talking about her Sling shot extending outside of her Sacral chakra, she suddenly asked about her husband.  Jeepers creepers… spirit should give us warnings when I am about to invade someones really private space!!

There he was, standing in front of her, not lit up in Light at all and then I seen it.  His penis was in full erection status, but filled with even less light than his body.  All I could do was apologize to her for peeping at her husbands family jewels.  I was mortified that I was even gazing as such a thing… such a personal thing for her as well as him!  But if this didn’t take it to an even more personal level… phew baby!!  Since I couldn’t blink his penis away (god knows I tried) I had to see what the big reveal was all about (grin.)

Now to keep this visual in place, they are standing facing each other 2 feet in front of me, in my kitchen!!  He takes one step towards her and whap… his silhouette of a penis is now poking straight inside of her!  What a way to start a day!!  I am so so grateful she found the humor in this all… and equally the interest and trust that something important was being shown (no pun intended… well that’s not true lol.)

I suddenly seen his penis bump up against her uterus as if he tapped on the Holiest of Grails and a back flow of energy was filling his penis with Light, which of course flooded thru his entire body.  Talk about a sexual awakening!!!

Somewhere in this exchange of wonderment she had stated that she woke up the other day hearing a name loud and clear (a name I cannot remember nor pronounce even if I did remember.)  When she looked up this very unusual name she found information about him within mythology.  There is no doubt in my heart this energy is going to be her spiritual binding… the triad of energy of a Holy Re-Union within her womb of creation.

This morning, as I write this, I recall a reading I had done last week when I had seen this braid of red and white and some other kind of energy (now I understand that 3rd energy I could not recognize in her reading was her spiritual binder)… that thick braid of energy was suspended from the sky and she had to climb it hand over fist.  Now I am (almost) understanding how and (sort of) what it means to her.

So back to my Medusa of love’s womb….

I understood that the trigger of this energy happens just after the solstice on the 20th.  Or maybe during…

I also now so fully understand as well as remember so many previous sharings as I talked about Shambhala, sacred sex, divine counterparts… and the womb of creation (within woman) being open by the key (mans penis) in a very intentional, sacred way.  As I seen and remembered this information as I watched her womb release so much light to her husband thru his “eye of horus” within the penis (big grin) an inverted rainbow arch took form from her flowering womb, under his penis and to someplace in his body…. just behind the penis stem (for lack of a better description.)

For as much as the human within me felt like I so invaded her personal space, this human is also so grateful for her willingness to share such a sacred energy with me to share with all of you.  With her full grace, I understand so much more as things progressively unfold in my personal world.

I have been torn on how to share what I am seeing, understanding and experiencing and not make it sharing of “spiritual porn.”  I have decided to set it into words thru the Guardians themselves via my blog site called Living the Energy of Shambhala.

I do have a full day of readings coming up, so I more than likely will not have the first series of sharings out until later today.  But a sharing will be out today sometime…

Can you hear and feel the rumbling of Heavens door opening!!??  Holy Hormones Batman!!

Let the Party Begin!

((((HUGZ))))) of blissful wonder and intense Shambhala energy to ALL!!

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