Visionkeeper – Finding What Works For You – 11 June 2012

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I was traipsing through my pictures this morning looking for that one that speaks to me and tells me what to write, when I found this one.

For some reason this house looks like the home of a writer to me, hours spent pounding on the keyboard while looking out the windows. On a rainy foggy day there may be a small fire in the fireplace, perhaps the smell of a pot of soup simmering on the stove. It made me think about my own life of writing down my thoughts that one day I combined with wanting to help others awaken to the truth, resulting in the creation of this website. I combined two passions to create something I enjoy doing and hopefully I am making a difference in the world at the same time. My whole life was spent aimlessly wandering about looking for my purpose for being here. Unfortunately it took three-fourths of my life to find out I couldn’t have found it any sooner as it was this time of 2012 that would produce the need for what I offered and my trigger to begin my mission was pushed at long last.

You can spend a lifetime going to psychics and asking them what your purpose in life is and probably not find the answer. You will need two things to discover your purpose in life. Those two things are patience and a passion for something. Everybody has a passion yet they might not think they do. Start asking small questions like, if I were stranded on an island what could I not live without in no uncertain terms? Aside from food and water my next thing was always pencil and paper. Thus I had a sneak peek at my love(need) for writing. I also discovered over the years that people would always come to me for advice or help, so I did schooling geared towards counseling but it just wasn’t right. I even took it one step further outside the box to become a spiritual counselor. Still didn’t do it completely for me.

As time wore on and we grew closer to 2012, I began to awaken and I found myself driven to awaken all those around me if they showed an interest. This felt very right within, but how to reach the people? It was not long after, that I combined my two passions and this website was born. I tell this story to show others that we all have a purpose we are born with, but it may not show itself to you right away. It was definitely frustrating searching and feeling like a failure for so many endless years, but creator had his plan for me and the timing was not right until 2012 came closer to being. Do I wish I had been told when my purpose would come so I didn’t have to suffer all those years? Yes! But I also learned that there was really no need for my suffering if I had just had faith that when the time was right I would know. Faith is the key! One must believe in the universe always!

So I guess my message is take time to go within and find your passions. It will be something you just can’t live without, something that when you are doing it you are happy and time flies by and you don’t even realize it. I knew fairly early on writing was my passion, but discovering my passion to awakening others to the truth of our crazy world didn’t come to me until much later, around 1998. This passion is fueled by my third passion of justice and equality for all. It is what spurs me on. So you might have to look for bits and pieces to put together and you will definitely need patience, and by all means be easy on yourself while you are searching. I wasn’t and I am sorry about that now. We all live and learn through trial and error.

I urge everyone to search for their passions and find their purpose in the process. We are all needed now to co-create a better world and we all have something to offer to the process. We all have our gifts to share if we are just willing to open up and see them within ourselves. This is yet another reason I am always saying for you to find out who you REALLY are within! Throw aside the chains that Shadowland has put around your life and turn off the dang TV. We are all needed now more than ever and it is time to finally meet the person you authentically are and become close friends and learn to see what you can share with the world to make it better and just do it!

Blessings to you all,

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