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Lucas – Change Ahead – What Will We Do? – 12 June 2012

A lot of the thoughts go just now about how to get the dark cabal, illuminati, secret societies, the banksters or financial crooks, the corporate government and corporate judicial system out and the new freedom instated in getting back to the basic rule of law we as humans only are government in: the golden rules some say, you shall do no harm to others and shall not do damage to others and that includes for me nature and animals and property. Those are the basis rules you can build your whole live on without entering a new more than 16 million laws like the corporation USA now has. Continue reading


Welcome To A World Once Hidden – 12 June 2012

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Matthew Alexander Sloane – The Last Thing I Need Is Another Set Of Rules – 12 June 2012

 Recently, there’s been some discussion about what it takes to be men or women in relationships.

Like this one, and this retort. Both are a set of rules from one sex to the other. It’s like watching a game of tag, and it has reminded of times in my relationships where I would barter with, “Well, I could be that way, but first you have to be this way.” Continue reading

Daniel Gross – Contrary Indicator – Three Banks Return $22 Million In TARP Funds – 12 June 2012

Nearly four years after the Lehman Brothers debacle, the government rescue efforts and bailouts continue to wind down. The central component of the TARP was the Capital Purchase Program (CPP), under which Treasury purchased preferred shares in hundreds of banks and received warrants in return. Banks started to return the capital in June 2009, with the largest institutions repaying first. In all, CPP recipients took public funds. Banks have returned $190.26 of that capital. Add in dividends ($11.68 billion), gains on the sale of Citigroup common stock ($6.85 billion), and funds received from the sale of warrants ($7.67 billion) and the CPP has turned a “profit” thus far of about $11.6 billion. (Here’s the most recent TARP summary). Continue reading

Infowars – William Engdahl : Massive Debt Collapse – 12 June 2012

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Republic For The United States Announcement – State Of The Union Tour – 12 June 2012

(Lucas: I have promised to report on both sides and you have to make your own mind up and use your own discernment. Things may not be your truth, the whole truth or a distorted truth in your opinion but do not deny others their free choice and opinion. )

STATE of the UNION TOUR 2012

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Fitch Managing Director Says Spain Will Miss Budget-Deficit Target By “Substantial Margin”; Yields In Spain And Italy Soar; Spanish 10-Year Yield Hits Record High 6.83% – 12 June 2012

The selloff on Spanish and Italian bonds continued today with yields in Spain hitting euro-era record highs.

On the deficit side of matters, I do not believe Spain will meet its budget-deficit targets, and neither does Fitch. Continue reading

Corporations Are Not People – Get Rid Of Citizins United Supreme Court Ruling – 12 June 2012

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Lisa Gawlas – Finding Energetic Balance As We Live The Love Frequency! – 12 June 2012

I sit here these days in stunning awe of what is happening.   I have written for years now about the potentials of Shambhala, (bringing Heaven to Earth, fully and completely) about divine counterparts and sacred sex.  I have grumbled many a time to the universe I want to write about these things from first hand information…dammit!  All I would ever get was an energetic grin from the universe and the instruction to just keep writing!  Thanx!!

The one thing I have always known deep in my heart…  The universe always provides for your hearts deepest desires.  Just in the right time, not any ole time.  We humans, THIS human, has always wanted it yesterday!! Continue reading

3 Minutes News – 12 June 2012 – W/Last Minute Update At The End – 12 June 2012

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