Jon Waldrup – Did Someone Call For A Flood? – 12 June 2012

At 10:13 PM Pacific Time today, June 11th, Alpha Omega stations retrograde in the 10th degree of Pisces. Of the 15 astrological energies I use regularly, this brings the current number of retrogrades to 6. These are Venus, Juno, Saturn, Alpha Omega, Neptune and Pluto.
Retrograde energies are more about the experience than perspective on the meaning of the experience. There is a sort of intensification of experience and a weakening of the perspective. Perspective will come as we integrate the experience into our understanding.
To understand a retrograde station, we look to the nature of the astrological body and the sign it is in to help understand the general characteristics of the energy shift. Then we look to the degree of the sign it is in to get a sense of the specific karma that can be shifted. And then we look at the Moon’s phase at that moment to discover the energy that wishes to teach these lessons.
Alpha Omega was discovered in 1977, when it was in the sign of Taurus. Its orbit is between Saturn and Uranus. It behaves more like a comet than a planet, periodically brightening and dimming. Its orbit is “chaotic” in that it has not been bound into a gravitational ratio with the planets. It is expected that in about a million years it will break its current orbital bonds.
Many astrologers call it Chiron, the wounded healer. The way it was first explained to me is that, in a birth chart, it shows a person’s wound, which when healed becomes a source of compassion with which the person is able to heal others who are similarly wounded.
My relationship with this being, who spans the distance between Saturn and Uranus, between the past and the future, has been deepened since then. First, when I learned to use the frequency of Pisces 27, where Alpha Omega is in my birth chart. Then, when Uranus transited that point in February of 2010, I had a tremendous experience of being visited by my future self.
Alpha Omega is Greek for origin and destiny. I think that name fits much better than Chiron. Because of my experiences, I understand the energy of this body in the context of its position in the solar system. Saturn is the one who makes sure we complete the lessons of the past. Uranus wants to take the most advanced aspects of ourselves and move them forward.
As we’ve learned more about the dimension of time, the relationship between the past and the future has become much less linear. We’ve always looked at the past as causal of the future. Like, the past happens first and the future follows in the wake of what happens.
A way to get a better feeling for Alpha Omega is to think of the future as causing the past. The outcome of any experiment is affected by the one who observes the experiment. Even more so by the one who designs the experiment. If this isn’t interesting enough, do you realize that events in the past can be altered? It is only when you fix on an idea that it enters the consciousness paradigm (which is why experiments are altered by those who design and observe them).
Alpha Omega is the point in the chart where we find what is true of our fixations. What vision of ourselves is really the one we see? It is not always the one you want.
Open your mind so that it can embrace a fluid sense of yourself-in-time. Allow your future self to have selected who you are now. A vision of yourself as a meeting between your past and your future can help you see what is really in you now.
Alpha Omega was last in Pisces during the 1960s. In Pisces, we find ourselves united with our ancestors, seeking to become free while wrestling with the comfort of not changing. Whatever excuses you have for staying stuck in old ruts, your ancestors were using the same ones. We all meet in Pisces, in a convention of angst, of wishes and worries. What is it that keeps you the way you’ve always been? You can discover that in Pisces.
With Neptune and now Alpha Omega both going retrograde in Pisces during a Moon Cycle that started with a south node solar eclipse, it seems to me that there is not much to do but watch yourself repeating the very patterns you know are holding you back. If you’re lucky, you’ll just recognize that and be willing to take what you can from it.
Many who read this will feel some resistance to allowing this to be a period of non-creative re-enactment. Each phase has its place. Not every day, or month, year or lifetime is for getting through barriers. Sometimes what it’s about is immersing yourself in old feelings, saturating yourself with all that was. Sometimes that’s what it takes to move on.
If you find yourself looking at the things you’ve felt and gone through over the last couple of weeks and being surprised, or irritated by the same things that irritated you a long time ago, don’t be too hard on yourself. Looking away from all this, pretending it’s not there, pretending you’re not there, it won’t help.
As is my custom, I’ll turn to the some zodiac degrees to give myself more clarity about what is being asked by a given energy.
Alpha Omega’s retrograde station is in the 10th degree of Pisces. The Chandra symbol for this degree is, “An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.”
What would an old witch ask of the sea? She is calling the sea to envelope us, to cleanse the world of us. What aspect of God called the flood? The Crone, oldest.
The Sun is our guiding energy at the moment Alpha Omega retrogrades. We’re in a phase 23 Moon, 5 days before the new, and just after the ½ waning. We get a New Moon on the 19th, we will be reborn, as always. Each month, the waning phase is there for you to work with. The flower puts forth its seeds, and withers, and dies. For that is what flowers do.
Phase 23 Moons are for focusing on what you are doing, instead of trying to figure it out. Can you look right at yourself and be truly honest about what you see? Will you recognize the Crone within you? That the witch is old does not diminish her power.
At 10:14 PM tonight, the Sun will be in the 22nd degree of Gemini. I will use the Azoth symbol for this, as phase 23 is crown energy. The symbol is, “In a darkened room people wait silently and expectantly for a medium to speak.” Will you hear what is coming through? Do you want really want to know?
Can you bear what the old ones are bringing through?
Gemini of 2012 is for ending rituals. The dark twin giving birth to the light one. You are saturated with much that has gone before, yet clings still. You can wish for easy, you can wish for light. What is holding you back from rebirth? That’s what people want from a channeling, even though they just may get it.
400 ppm, my friends. She is calling to the sea.
May you be reborn with the Moon!
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  1. As I am thinking about the energy of Chiron turning retrograde, I am led to this article which I was not aware was astrology. Wow, fantastic insights. Thank you for posting. I have left this page a different person to the one that arrived.