Lisa Gawlas – Finding Energetic Balance As We Live The Love Frequency! – 12 June 2012

I sit here these days in stunning awe of what is happening.   I have written for years now about the potentials of Shambhala, (bringing Heaven to Earth, fully and completely) about divine counterparts and sacred sex.  I have grumbled many a time to the universe I want to write about these things from first hand information…dammit!  All I would ever get was an energetic grin from the universe and the instruction to just keep writing!  Thanx!!

The one thing I have always known deep in my heart…  The universe always provides for your hearts deepest desires.  Just in the right time, not any ole time.  We humans, THIS human, has always wanted it yesterday!!

Now I am alive in a playground, a heart ground, filled with bliss and wonder, and an unfolding of an energetic field I had never seen before within the human construct.

Little did I realize that the day blue eyes showed up at my front door, would be the last day I got a full nights sleep!  I also remember the first time I had seen my clients trying to keep balance on that new tight rope in the middle atmosphere in life.  Let me assure you, I am still knee deep in finding my new balance.

Even now as I share what I do understand to date, my mind and my heart goes back to Franklyn’s (my friend from the Pleiades) information about the Love Frequency as it became a visual frequency I called a tight rope.

Since the Venus transit I have watched (thru readings) that tight rope go from a black rope looking thing above the earth, to a wide band (3-4 feet wide) of blue energy, to a thinner band (about a foot wide) of shiney gold energy that held an intense reflective field within it.  Seeing it and really understanding it… not always easy.  At least, not until I am consciously aware of my own walk upon it.

The Love Frequency

A band of love now stretches around the globe.  It attracts you onto it, into it by virtue of your own magnetic frequency within your personal energy field.

A band of energy so pure in it’s vibration that nothing but inner truth can merge with it.  This band of energy pulls you into it… there is nothing you have to do or can do.  It is an activation of sorts all of its own.

Even with that, there are several levels of the unfolding, the complete merger of your own golden magnetic field with its golden band of energy.  There are many scenario’s of how this is going to play out for you, in your own personal life, my sharing is just one potential.  Hopefully tho, it will give you the things to look out for, that will happen within your own energy field and acceleration for you to be sure.

First let me be clear on why this Love Frequency band of energy has been seen in the middle atmosphere of earth (way below the clouds, yet no where near the ground.)  The vibration is now fully and completely accessible to all of humanity who is willing to let go of all bias and completely open to the full energy of Love.  It is a very special, now fully attainable, frequency for earth.

It first emerges as a black thready rope because the energy potential within it is completely unseen and bound tightly together until the heart of Love begins its expansion.

(Please keep in mind, I am only fully understanding what I am sharing right now… and even that, I am understanding it as the words flow out of my fingers.)

The day ole blue eyes showed up on my doorstep… my heart just stopped.  It must have been in that heart stopping moment that band of energy pulled me up onto it, because my own vibration has not been the same since.  I mean that quite literally.

There is something about the night.  Maybe because it is so free of any distractions that one cannot help but be vividly aware of their own vibration acceleration.

The physical body is always in a state of vibration, slower at the root chakra, fastest at the crown chakra.  When the energy of your own personal space accelerates it is felt in the root chakra first.  OMG is it felt in the root chakra first (and can I just say, continues to be!!)

Talk about a balancing act!!

We spent the first 5 days of our re-membering process talking, sharing… conversations uninhibited by the minds desire to be accepted, but held in the hearts desire to fully know each other, in truth.

The nights were getting unbearable in my body.  I swear I hit puberty again but to the 100th degree!!

That black tight rope I didn’t realize we were on and expanding and adding Light to… became a foundation of emotional energy.  That wide blue band that I had only seen thru readings for one day.

An emotional expansion within and without.  Un-abaited within the fields of desire (without fear or restriction.)

That was the day Archangel Michael took front seat in a massage that not only enhanced his energy field, but equally my own as well.  Archangel lovingly warned us that if we took this now super expanded energy vibration any further, we would be forever and irrevocably bound together.

And then we did the Eye of Horus together and I suppose Archangel Michael already knew our hearts choice that would bind us together later that evening, because he sat equally within us.

The spiritual binding of what was once two separate DNA strings, now braided together as one.

The energy vibration that is constant in this house increased 10 fold that night. The golden fields of reflective magnetic energy illuminating us more with each passing moment, with each passionate exchange of ourselves into each other.

The fullness of the details unfolding each time I close my eyes…

Those details will be in my next blog.  As much as I want to give the guardians the responsibility of  sharing what we are experiencing, they handed the mantle back to me.  So I shall set the stage with understanding and detail… and my 3rd blog (more than likely tomorrow) will be a complete sharing channeled directly from the Guardians housed in the Shambhala blog space.  However, my next sharing will be here within this shift of time and enengy!  Phew baby is it ever shifting!  Even with that I head Carole King belting out “I feel the earth shake… under my feet!!”

To be continued…..

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and Love to ALL!!

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