Lucas – Change Ahead – What Will We Do? – 12 June 2012

A lot of the thoughts go just now about how to get the dark cabal, illuminati, secret societies, the banksters or financial crooks, the corporate government and corporate judicial system out and the new freedom instated in getting back to the basic rule of law we as humans only are government in: the golden rules some say, you shall do no harm to others and shall not do damage to others and that includes for me nature and animals and property. Those are the basis rules you can build your whole live on without entering a new more than 16 million laws like the corporation USA now has.

The difficulty is for a lot outside the USA that we do not have a clear Constitution or Bill of Rights as in the Anglo-American Countries. Some Countries like The Netherlands have no Constitutional Court. Only a Supreme Court that not direct relates its decisions and rulings on the Constitution. A lot of the law in those countries outside the Anglo-American area is derived from the Civil Codes of Napoleonic Law and the Roman Canons and Ecclesiastical  Law of Rome’s Vatican Church mixed with Commercial Law and Admiralty Law.  Furthermore there is a cry for a new financial system. That system is or isn’t build on the system we now already know.

It is not clear in any way what NESARA they want to implement if they want to implement it. There are two. And one is nothing more than a reset of the system with some temporary freedoms and gifts to the people but the return to the old is still possible by it via back doors. The other one is also become dubious as the real text of this law is still kept secret. And therefore is possibly also compromised and altered by the above already mentioned dark forces. So what we want is possibly not what we will get if we are not careful. Also the resources, food, shelter, energy, water are crucial in all of this. But foremost the importance of the change is being freedom and peace for all.

But we go back now to what we will be doing after the change.
Some questions arise.  Are we ready for freedom? Do we really have the will and power to get back to the origins and fundamentally restructure all. That might also be important as there is more to this than people think.

A lot of us are just seeing now the wrongdoing, atrocities and unjust control and enslavement of we the people by the dark forces. But if we built only a new living community on financial freedom or just freedom what will this be like then?
Is it going back to having property and ownership of land? Are we going back to having interest on loans or having loans at all? Are we gonna pay fees or taxes on things to governments and will we have government alt all? Do we still go for a banking system in the way we knew or a new one or are we going to try to build a community without having the need for money and currencies?
Do we have the guts to get world problems solved on world level, like the cleaning up of our planet from the pollution and unnecessary robbing and misuse of resources?
Do we have the power to see freedom as a responsibility you have yourself? Will we really be free if we do not get our mindset back to what in my view the creator of all intended: being unconditional love and co-create in this way all for the good of mankind? Will we be building small communities? Are we going to produce only that what we need or can produce without having any pollution or harm to mother earth and nature and human kind? Will we use new technology for the good of all?
Will we open up our hearts and really say goodbye to divisional, excluding and dualistic thinking and acting?  Are we really going to care in unconditional love for each other and care for the sick, the young, the old and disabled? Will we be able to leave behind or old sorrows and pains and go for a new start for all without retribution, hate, anger, revenge. etc.?

I personally think we will see at first the now propagated new financial and governmental and judicial structures being addressed. The going back to the original constitution or bill of rights is a step forward. But do we really make a leap and  see that we need no more government in the way we used to or even in the proposed ways. Are we really ready for this?

I think a lot of people are having still problems in awakening and adjusting to the fact that they will not be the controlled slaves  they were.
People still have to learn what freedom and peace means. In my daily live I still see the people struggle. Hypocrisy, egotistical behaviour, capitalism in its purest form and materialistic thinking are examples of what we need to be addressing. We are still stuck in the conditioned thinking of have and have-nots that we have learned in our schools. You have to compete, be better and strive for things, they say. The old paradigms still hurt. If we really want a peaceful free community or relation with each other we need to let go of all that.

We need to see that we are one and have no need for leaders to direct us. We choose only people to represent us and work on specific tasks because of their talent, experience and knowledge. Community is living with, co-creating and caring for the people. We have to put in place mediation in communities for conflicts that rise or violations of the golden rule of law. Native communities round the world use and know mediation for handling conflicts without violence, hatred without harm for anyone. They often use rituals in the mediation process. They resolve disputes and problems in a peaceful way. So should we. We forgot how to do this. We have given that task to a judicial system and police and law enforcement agencies, sheriffs and marshals and even militia and military. We need nothing of that at all. We need common sense and mediation at the basis of our communities.

The root of all evil was said to be the ownership of land and property, the ownership of  energy, resources, production, food and the offspring of knowledge, talent and creativity.
We need to see that we do not own a thing on this earth we have been born upon. Our creator gave us just the right to use that what we needed if we did not disturb earth, the land and nature and didn’t harm it.       So the original rights are User rights not Ownership rights. The User Rights are for the time you live on this earth. For our communal benefit like roads, utilities, medical and healing services  and other things we can decide as a community to use some land and we can give in use land for the food production that is needed.  Everybody should have a right to use a certain amount of land for living and building on. The building has to be removable and totally recyclable as there is no property to be bought or sold anymore. Therefore we have to rethink all.  A lot of us have been living in this way already for very very long. Native people and newly in this user rights advocacy are the Anastasia Groups that express a new form of user rights  in the sense that they see it as a user right for everyone to have 1 hectare of land to build on and be self-sufficient. It is a possibility.

If we know that there are already on this world so many other systems that function without a currency or a financial system to exchange goods or services, why should we have a new banking or financial system again then? This is based on the premiss of the old capitalistic production which leads to (over)production and export and therefore the need to have currencies and global exchange mechanisms. We can exchange in other ways than that. If we coördinate what we need on communal level, regional and world level and see where there are still needs we can give or exchange surplus, without having a value based on that. Just the thought that we will be having surplus of others if we need it and do not have it is enough.  We still have trouble to see that all what now is called value should be called in future sharing. We share and do not own, we have without having as it all ours. It is again a rethinking and resetting process.

We must not go for the old production ways. We need only inventories of the worlds needs in communication, transportation, water, energy if not communal produced or provided for through free energy and new technology and find solutions to (re)distribute it. We need also to produce in a way that does no harm anyone or anything. We need nothing more than that what we need to  live all a happy live in peace and harmony.  Abundance has than become a natural fact that sprouted from us living in the way intended in caring for, loving all unconditional, helping,  sharing, co-creating and exploring.

Essential is to have  new thoughts on education and growing up. There are so many possibilities but if we go for children growing up as unconditional loving beings that may explore their own talents and learn that what they want to learn and experience,  we should provide that to them. I already hear all say:  ‘What about the knowledge people need?”

We have been taught al in competitive and repetitive ways to reproduce knowledge that was or is in some ways no knowledge at all. We forget that we often call knowledge experience in later live.  I think in education and growing up we need to have an emphasis on emotional and social relations rather than just knowledge gathered from databases, books, media.  All this so-called knowledge  is brought to us via erudite university scholars and highly theoretically trained people who have no real bearing or clue what Emotional Relations and Social Relations mean. A lot are so caught up in their knowledge matrix that they forgot to be.  We should be finding more a balance in all. That is now missing.

Basic knowledge of language, mathematics, our real history, and science  should be taught.  A lot what is taught now  is not needed and can be a learning experience that the child itself can choose to have and we should help and guide the child in its aspirations.  Schools should not be anymore learning industries and production facilities of competition and strive for being better or having status. We should be nurturing the child’s exploration of his own capabilities and talents.  Stop forcing curricula and other forced knowledge onto the people. Still there can be universities and schools but in a different way as we think.

Education and learning is for the development of the child not for the glory of parents nor is it about status and being more than others. That paradigm of the duality and exclusion should be gone as we are getting to know that we are One. If people wanna learn more and have great need or urge for information or experience in some way, we can sent them to people who have the capabilities to give those children and youth that knowledge and experience they seek. They will help to develop the talent. You can see it more like a master/apprentice style of learning. The master will be in this hopefully a student or apprentice in future.

The importance of the mindset change is crucial. We need to get away from the old paradigms and a return to the old should be questioned. We cannot live as free unconditional loving and one people in  a fifties style world like some have been pondering about. We need going back to our roots to evolve again in rethinking all for the better of all mankind. If we really shed all the old paradigms and duality roleplay and leave it behind us we can achieve a new beginning. We can achieve a new way of thinking without the mind but with the heart. We can achieve a new world that is not based on man-made rules and structures as we then see that we are all one and free in all.Therefore we see there is no need for the old anymore to live in harmony and peace with each other. It seems utopia but for me this eventually will be what will be manifested.

So ponder on this all. Do not comment. As it is just my opinion and you will have to really do think yourself about what will be after the change and what this  means to you and what you will do.

Keep on open heart and mind.

Love and Light,


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