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Visionkeeper – Strength – 12 June 2012

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I was looking at the trees around my property today and also saw this picture and wondered why trees are so strong. Actually a great deal of what grows in nature is strong no matter how small or delicate it seems. So what is the answer to why? If I had to venture a guess I would have to say it is because nature never doubts or questions its abilities. A tree doesn’t wonder if it will be able to grow big, it just puts down roots and grows to whatever it is meant to grow to. Each variety of tree is different in its root system as well, some have deep roots that go deep into the earth providing much strength, others have shallow root systems. Continue reading


Blossom Goodchild – Another Month…Another Post… No Thing New – 12 June 2012

I know I sound like a broken record going over and over the same thing … yet from the letters I am receiving … it seems that we still need to … go over and over the same thing. Continue reading

Gerald Celente – How To Save Humantiy – 12 June 2012

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Jon Waldrup – Did Someone Call For A Flood? – 12 June 2012

At 10:13 PM Pacific Time today, June 11th, Alpha Omega stations retrograde in the 10th degree of Pisces. Of the 15 astrological energies I use regularly, this brings the current number of retrogrades to 6. These are Venus, Juno, Saturn, Alpha Omega, Neptune and Pluto.
Retrograde energies are more about the experience than perspective on the meaning of the experience. There is a sort of intensification of experience and a weakening of the perspective. Perspective will come as we integrate the experience into our understanding. Continue reading

The Derivatives Nightmare : A Fraud Far Beyond Fractional Reserve Banking – 2 Parts – 12 June 2012

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Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council: The Collective Is Shifting The Energetic Balance – 12 June 2012

Channeled through Wes Annac

Note from Wes: Bringing through sections of this message brought me to tears. I hope this communication is helpful to you along your path, no matter where you find yourself at this time and who you find around you. :)   Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – New Earth Journal Par 1 – My Life On New Earth – 12 June 2012

I wanted to return to the Starship, but then I realized that what I want to do is not as important as what I came to do. I came to be among the Ones who came to assist in creating New Earth. And exactly how do we create New Earth? I don’t know. The Arcturians say I don’t know because we haven’t created it yet. On the other hand, I am aware that there is a Cosmic Plan that has been in place from before time that includes not only our small planet but much of this quadrant of space. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – An “Emperor Has No Clothes” Moment: ESM Has Failed Already – 12 June 2012

In what may become a historic “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment, the euro, stocks, oil, and European government bonds all quickly reversed course following initial euphoria of a Spanish bank bailout that is sure to do more harm than good.

For details of the bailout please see Rajoy Proclaims “Victory”, Says It’s Not a Bailout “It’s a Credit Line”; Existing Bondholders Subordinated Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Looking Into The Mirror Of A Fairy Tale – 12 Jun 2012

God said:

When your heart is sagging, you are lagging in that you are not keeping up with your heart. You are putting it down. You are depressing it.

Your heart is always raring to go. Unleash it. Stop pressing it down.

You have been afraid to let your heart take off. You keep gauging the food given to your heart, and you find it is not enough. Let your heart forage for itself. Instead of telling your heart, “Giddyap,” what it wants to hear, you have been telling your heart: “Better to hold back. Better to pace yourself. You never want to give out more love than you are given. Never. Hold on to what you have. Be sparing with it.” Continue reading

Global Voice Radio Network – Round Table Discussion – 12 June 2012

link to Global Voice Radio Network – Round Table Discussion 11 June 2012  PST Time

3 Topics:

Marilyn Barnewall – Topic: Banking

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