Suzanne Lie – New Earth Journal Par 1 – My Life On New Earth – 12 June 2012

I wanted to return to the Starship, but then I realized that what I want to do is not as important as what I came to do. I came to be among the Ones who came to assist in creating New Earth. And exactly how do we create New Earth? I don’t know. The Arcturians say I don’t know because we haven’t created it yet. On the other hand, I am aware that there is a Cosmic Plan that has been in place from before time that includes not only our small planet but much of this quadrant of space.

I also know that we entered the reality of physical Earth to learn about free will. The fulfillment of why we chose to login to a reality is what allows us to logout of a reality. In this particular reality of third dimensional Earth, we entered to experience the intense separation of an extremely polarized reality. Thus, the fulfillment of the polarization and separation can only occur by returning to our total Unity of the ONE.
Therefore, I am pretty sure that in order to consciously engage in the stellar event of personal/planetary ascension, we must do it as ONE Being. I doubt that it is so easy as waking up one morning and all our habits of competition, comparison, individuality and fear-based thoughts and emotions are instantly dissolved from our consciousness. If I am wrong, and we do suddenly awaken to a totally new reality, I willing accept that reality!
However, we are not just this life. Therefore, the transition may be more complex.
We chose to take a body on this planet within this NOW of planetary ascension. We have practiced this ascension event for myriad incarnations, and now the Dress Rehearsals are over. It is Show Time!
Can we remember our lines? Can we remember to stand on our mark? Can we remember our part and the role we chose to play? These are questions that haunt all of us that are conscious of the immediacy of this NOW. What is my answer to this question? What have I remembered in all that recovered and all that I have studied?
The answer to that question is why I am writing  this, what will it be, a story, a great expose or a rehashing  of what I have already written? I have written so much, remembered so much, read and studied so much. Now I have to pull it all together into a cohesive whole. Now, I have to weave my tapestry of ascension from all that I have recovered, remembered and learned in this particular reality and somehow connect it the ONE of New Earth.
I can only explain how I am feeling by the image that is currently in my mind. I see myself with a huge pack on my back preparing for a long journey. However, I have come to the place where my journey is all up hill, and my pack has gotten very heavy. Therefore, much like the members of the wagon trains who crossed the wilderness of the new America, I have to empty my load.
I hate to leave that, which I have learned to live without at the side of the trail, but I am crossing a wilderness and there is nowhere else to leave it. Perhaps, some one who travels this trail after me will find use in what I have left behind. On the other hand, maybe I am just littering. I don’t know the answer to that quandary. With all my years and years of “work” to find the Truth, all I know is what I don’t know.
I don’t know how to cross that invisible border into New Earth. I don’t know how to surrender to that which I can’t perceive—yet. Therefore, I will have to resort to my imagination again. My dear imagination, the thing that made me looks crazy and kept me sane. Therefore, I present this story via the senses of my imagination. I have no idea what I will write, as I did not even intend to write what I have just written.
I am stepping into the great UNKNOWN, knowing that I am already there. Maybe, if I start with already being on New Earth, I can remember/create how I got there. Yes, I do KNOW that I am already on New Earth. In fact, I am confident that I have never left it. I have spent so much effort learning to bi-locate somewhere else. Is it possible that if I can remember how I bi-located here into this time/place, I will know how to bi-locate back?
The answer again is “I don’t know.” However, I am willing to enter into this unknown and to share my journey with as many as are interested. If there is anything that I leave behind, please feel free to pick it up and use it in whatever way suits you. I hope that I can blaze a trail that answers our many unasked questions. However, that is not important. What I give or receive from this journey is of no consequence. As I journey into the Oness of we, my personal contribution becomes null and void.
Therefore, I will see us in New Earth…
My Entry NOW
Since I Know that New Earth is free of time, I am endeavoring to write each entry using my Multidimensional Communication, which is free of time, place, gender, limitation, separation and fear. (I didn’t know I was going to write that!) I am hoping that my communication style if one that we can all understand. Since, I am consistently receiving that it is vital to think multidimensionally in order to perceive multidimensionally, I am thinking/writing with the knowing that we are BOTH on New Earth and on Ascending Earth.
As I am writing within the NOW, I am focusing only on what is presently within my Nowness. Within my Nowness, I am hearing many loud machines from a neighbor who is building a new home. This noise is reminding me that we are also building new homes. Actually, we are more than building new homes, as we are building new realities. Already, I am understanding the benefit of this multidimensional thinking, as I feel a unity with those (Oops, “those” is 3D thinking)—I am feeling a unity with our ones who have/will/are reading this information within our Oneness.
I look at what I have written and realize that “I” is third dimensional thinking. Therefore, I will transmute “I” into the multidimensional term of “we.” We are standing within a threshold of Light. We are not aware of how we came here, and it does not matter. We feel total joy and unconditional love as we—all beings of Gaia’s body—stand within the Oness of transition.
Thinking in this manner is quite a challenge, but I/we feel something unlocking inside of our Oness. Could it be the Threshold? However, we are ONE, hence, we ARE the Threshold within which we stand. Hence, we surrender into the image of standing within a Threshold, which is united with all that it has ever been and all that it shall reveal. Therefore, we stand within the Threshold of all who we have ever been and all we shall reveal.
We feel a calling to remain within this threshold, as it appears to be some sort of a downloading portal. We will remain here in this Now as we download, integrate and transmute all remnants of our once full pack that we carried through myriad lives of apparent separation. Yes, within our Threshold, we are transmuting all that we once perceived as separation into the unity of our NOW.
Blessings On Our Unity

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