Visionkeeper – Strength – 12 June 2012

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I was looking at the trees around my property today and also saw this picture and wondered why trees are so strong. Actually a great deal of what grows in nature is strong no matter how small or delicate it seems. So what is the answer to why? If I had to venture a guess I would have to say it is because nature never doubts or questions its abilities. A tree doesn’t wonder if it will be able to grow big, it just puts down roots and grows to whatever it is meant to grow to. Each variety of tree is different in its root system as well, some have deep roots that go deep into the earth providing much strength, others have shallow root systems.

Do the trees worry if they have deep roots or shallow roots? No of course they don’t. They don’t care if they have white bark or dark, green leaves or red leaves, if they grow tall or stay short. Nature accepts who and what they are, no questions asked, no ego issues creating problems. There is a lot we take away from being like nature. We are all different, it does not make us less than or more than except in our own ego filled heads.

We too can have strength if we fertilize our roots systems with what we need for nourishment. Lots of positive outlook on life, lots of love and compassion for all, knowing ourselves intimately and reaching out to others. If we live our lives from our hearts, if we tame our egos and if we have respect for all of life on the planet, we will too will be strong, able to weather all storms and provide shelter for others. It is not difficult to live by these life laws, all it takes is a desire to change your way of living and a devotion to following through. It doesn’t cost you a dime yet it will change your life for the better forever!

We live weak lives because we have not tended to ourselves or our roots. We have put our attentions on stuff, the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the job status we hold, our financial status. We spent a great deal of money and energy procuring these things in our lives but we forgot one thing! We have not been tending to our spirits and fertilizing our roots. We have been sidetracked by the dark ones ploys to pull us away from ourselves and keep us weak. We have been pummeled our whole lives by messages beaming out at us from our televisions. Buy more, you need this, you need that, raise your status up and live!

These are the very things that have been our undoing. We don’t need things, things do not make us better people, how much money you have does not feed your soul it only feeds your ego! We fell for it and look where we are today. We can undo the damage if we change our lives and fertilize our roots. The more we love ourselves and others, the more we think positive, the more we reach out to others and offer support, the stronger we begin to grow! We begin to feel good about ourselves, we  feel stronger in our convictions that we are on the right path, we are fulfilling our missions, and we are now being the best we can be. In doing this we have empowered ourselves and nothing can weaken our beliefs.

This is a country of strong people, good people, but we have been led astray and we need to find our way back home to our hearts and the correct way to be living our lives. It is our government that has injured the American people’s image in the world. It is government that is killing others, destroying lives, tearing families apart and feeding us lies. It is government that has destroyed our jobs, stolen our money and blown up our economy. It is time to wake up to these truths and separate yourself from the very thing that is bringing us down. Step away from the games of who we want as our next President. We will get whom THEY choose and all voting will be manipulated to support their choice. This is reality so stop playing the game they are offering you.

Find your root strength and take back your lives and your children’s lives while there is still time. The sooner you exit the illusion we call life in America the sooner you can rebuild your lives and regain your strength. You have good roots, you just have to feed them what they need to grow strong and stop allowing government to drain your essence until you can no longer stand on your own or think for yourself. Be strong in your convictions to create a better you, a better life and a better world. The planet needs us so don’t take too long to get this job done. Become who you really are, strong beings with big hearts full of love.

Blessings to you all,

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