Aruna – Maha Chohan Saint Germain – Masters Are Always Caring – 13 June 2012

Many dear ones are deluded about the qualifications for ascension. None of the mental activities being done are going to achieve anything more than disappointment, because mental activities are not the way of completing your cause and effect dynamics. The only thing that will activate ascension is to stop dreaming. Awaken and the dream about going on to other dimensions will also dissolve. Awakened awareness dissolves the complete dream, not only one part of it. In awakened awareness the entire negative/positive polarity disappears. Consider awakened awareness the light, and the mind a dreamer of what you call third dimension. It is your dream that is avoiding ascension, not us or our conduct.

When you want another way to live it is only you who can create that. Yes, you have assistance in doing so, but you must begin within your own consciousness. When your mind decides it is in charge, most of you accept what it decides. Can you tell that this mind talk is not the voice of the master within? When you can, and decide to observe that chatter while looking inside to make your choices, you can get out of the karmic loop. Canceling mind’s control will free the light within you to always be aware and available. Cancel the mind as your negative delusion, and control by any realm is not a concern. Your inner master welcomes all human drama as an opportunity to be free in all circumstances.

No matter how you try, your mind cannot decide to ascend and gain answers on how to do this by mental “doing.” Meditation, being quiet, contentment with “what is,” and choosing love in all circumstances is what awakens the master within so ascension becomes the next step.

Don’t believe that you will automatically ascend. It won’t happen. Should you not be completely ready to detach from your personal life, you will not ascend. Calling on Angels instead of your contacts in co-creation drama, is what cancels attachment and attains love in an instant—love of the total blessing that has always captured your attention before the choice to ascend was made. Now that this choice has been made, you only need to cancel your beliefs about being a defined, separate consciousness. It is not who you truly are. You are a multi-dimensional consciousness that is not limited to one dimension. You are a higher awareness already, and only your mind keeps you dreaming about this 3D collective.

Archangel Michael was asked by me to address my readers. It was not his answer to you that has gotten many of you in fear, it was your own delusion about what is going on and not what is actually going on. We of the Great White Brotherhood only want you to understand that what the Ascended Masters want is your full conscious awareness in all circumstances, especially when you are being called towards non-awareness.

When you want the Truth you must discern it within yourself—not go along with what another tells you, no matter what name accompanies that message. No one is in charge of this universe. Only those who are completely empty of individual attitudes are light beams. Anyone thinking awareness is from one channel or one drama only is mistaken. Personal dramas of any kind are illusion only.

Afraid to trust yourself? Then no ascension is possible. No one can take another move towards the light in fear or anger. Making a clear observation about a situation is not negative or judgmental. It is only an observation. When Archangel Michael called the US president a coward, it meant he lacked the courage to go against the controllers. Only that. Call it what you will, but it is an accurate description and not a condemnation of his character. Name calling is not the case here—only clarification of the obvious in our view.

When you can see that all come together to ascend and all contribute their own details to forward that opportunity, you will condemn no one, only declare the details as they happen. One of you asked to learn details, and when delivered, others don’t want to accept what they are. So be it!

Calling me or Archangel Michael or my dear channel names is not very caring or loving. (I have requested that the energy of these comments not be added to my blog.) What is that about? We are your own caring consciousness and want you to learn the difference between Truth and illusion. Nothing we say about 3D is reality—only the current drama your own Higher Self chose to be involved in at this moment. No time like the present to love the loving beings who are only here to give you an opportunity to deliver your True Self’s divine choices only. For my own defense, no channel anywhere is as clear as this one because of her awakened condition. Channels with clarity are very unusual. Not to condemn others, they serve their audience well, but they are not totally clear unless awakened awareness over mind has been achieved. “No mind” is what makes clear channeling. When a channel cares about what is being channeled, their content cannot be completely free of their own answer to the topic. Being mindless means complete non-interest in what comes through. A clear channel makes a body available, does not do anything to mess with the message, and could stop the channeling only when a mind is involved. No mind = clear channeling. Today’s message was created without any mental engagement by this channel.

Dear ones, why must you call this channel’s messages out of touch when they are actually my words? Who am I? I AM the Ascended Master that is doing the calling of Maha Chohan, Saint Germain of the Mountain Retreat in Mount Shasta. Beloved ones . . . I AM THAT I AM.

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