The Occupy Caravan Starts Now – 13 June 2012

One hundred years after the birth of American folk singer hero Woody Guthrie, famous for “This Land Is Your Land,” the Occupy Caravan will travel the nation’s highways to spread the word that we need to end corporate rule, reclaim our government and establish a new measure of economic fairness for all.

The Caravan kicks off within the hour from Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, while the LA Caravan has just departed with several vehicles and buses and will be traversing the southern United States. Two more caravans are set to leave from Portland and Seattle. You can watch the journey on two separate livestreams and follow the route map here. Cities visited will include Denver, Albuquerque, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Charlotte, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, culminating in a large gathering in Washington D.C. on June 30. link to original article

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