Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 13 June 2012

Dear Benjamin,
I have been following the posts for a wile now and some questions have
come to mind:
1 Who is going to ensure that the people in charge of the transition
will not be effected be the transition itself?

2 What if someone assumes or buys a mortgage, will they have torelinquish the home that they purchase when the change comes, to theformer owners?

3 What will happen to inventions and patents developed in this current
financial system?

4 In order to understand better the new global economic system, what
happens if on the stroke of midnight on million artists sell their
work via credit card and the companies are shut down, who pays the

People are asking me these questions and i don’t know how to answer.
It makes me look stupid and discredits the information I am trying to
pass along.

I hope you have time for this.
Kind Regards and thank you for your work.

Answer Fulford:
Thanks for the questions. Here are my answers.
1) The only way to make sure is to have full disclosure and freedom of information. It is hard to do something sneaky with everybody watching.
2) It is illegal to sell mortgages. Do not buy one.
3) Inventions and patents will be protected.
4) If you look at bankruptcy cases you will see that some people will never get their bills paid. However, in this case, it is not the little guy but the trillionaires and billionaires who will be left holding the bag.

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