Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Reliance On Another – 14 June 2012

Balance is key in life.  Our body seeks homeostasis relentlessly.  Atomic structure seeks a balance of positive and neutral charge within its nucleus and a balance of negative charge in its electron shell.  In experiential life, balance denotes the poise to remain stable while opposite forces swing.  This is a broad foundation of allowing and directing as the full spectrum of life occurs around you.  One that is balanced is able to maintain homeostasis even through change.  Within the atomic structure, the nucleus relies on the electron shell and the electron shell relies on the nucleus – and form is created.  Life is about sharing.  We share air, we share information, we share strength and we share vulnerability.  How is your sharing?  Are you balanced or radioactively throwing off negative electrons or melting your inner core of positivity? ;o) 

Reliance on Another is a point of balance.  If you rely too heavily on others, you are not enabling your own strength and capability.  If you do not rely on others some, you are not honoring the sharing of others’ gifts, the emerging of your vulnerability to teach you how strong you are or receiving the Love of another flowing to you.  Relationship with people is important.  Each person has different levels of sensitivities to others, but as Lightworkers we are tasked to shine our Light, which means sharing it with the world around us.  As we empower ourselves to find our Love within, we then allow the charge of others (both positive and negative) to create new form, new life and new experience.  Reliance becomes sharing and beneficial for All.
It is for each to ask the questions, am I relying too heavily on others or not enough?  Do I make my own decisions, speak up for myself, maintain silence when words will not benefit the moment, support the artisty and wisdom of others, allow others to feel their worth, allow myself to know my own worth without the need for outside validation, give and receive compliments easily, respect others and myself equally, examine my motives with every situation, fearlessly share my joy and wisely share my sorrow, etc.  The answers will vary based on a moment and based on a relationship.  For example you may be equally empowered with one co-worker and unempowered with another.  You may be relying too much on your mate for emotional support when you should be providing more for yourself, or vice versa.  Being honest with yourself is sometimes hard, but important to finding balance of self-empowerment, self-love and fostering the same in others.
As we sit to Blast Reliance on Another, we are becoming empowered as a separate being and united with All Life.  We are balanced and peaceful in all circumstances because there is support and independence at all times.  We are following our empowered heart and sculpting our wise mind to true Knowing that All is Well.  We are the balance of One standing strong, always supported by and united with the natural Flow of Life.  We are free to be, free to Love, and free to share; knowing that each person is unique and valuable.  Strength and vulnerability become synonymous within.  Blast on!

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