Ways To Help Bill Wood AKA Bill Brockbrader – 14 June 2012

Hello everyone,
Bill has asked if you would like to help him there are a few ways you CAN!

First Pray for his healing and strength, then for our protection and to see our way through this successfully!

If you would like to send mail or Books send to,

Bill’s Mailing address is:

William Newel Brockbrader 1046233
CO Ada County Jail
7210 Barrister Drive
Boise Idaho 83704

1) Please write a letter to him yourself and make sure to include a return address on the envelope.

2) Write to his lawyer Mark Ackley mark_ackley@fd.org  3)Send Bill New Books from PUBLISHER they will not allow books to be delivered if they are not coming from Amazon or the publisher directly for safety reasons.

http://www.treeoflibertymovement.blogspot.nl link to original article

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