Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 15 June 2012

Hello Benjamin.

Having reading your latest post, and having observed a general trend of Obama bashing in your updates, I was just wondering if your accusations of his being a “hired hand” and a “drone serial killer”  is your personal opinion or somebody else’s.
I understand it isn’t exactly my place to ask, but in this regard your reporting, at least whatever I’ve read,  has been somewhat one sided. It would  help me make up my mind if you could answer this.

It is an objective fact that Obama is ordering murders both inside the United States and outside. This is reporting of truth, not bashing.


FW: Needing help with Internal Affairs

If you still do not believe the US has become a fascist prison state, please read the following:

Please help me contact the appropriate person about my issue with Georgia Dept. of Corrections.  Thanks for your time.

I am a prisoner being held at Smith State Prison, a level 5 disciplinary camp.  I need to have Internal Affairs look into why I am being held in a dorm where 18 people in a 100 man dorm have been stabbed during the 9+ months I have been here.

I had been publishing details surrounding the federal convictions of a senior GBI agent and Bartow County Sheriffs captain who were pocketing cash and reselling guns confiscated by the drug task force.(Internet search:Garmon,Bartow,Guns)  There still has been no conviction for the drugs stolen from the sheriffs evidence locker.

I was arrested for not paying a fine, a misdemeanor, then I escaped from Bartow County jail where the sheriff knew of my publications.  I was recaptured a week later by US Marshalls who traced my Internet IP address to another county where I was staying.  The US Marshalls handed me over to Bartow County and I was terribly mistreated.  I filed a civil suit about the cruel and unusual punishment I endured which is currently before the US District Court in the Northern District of Georgia – case No. 4:11-CV-301-HLM-WEJ.  I then escaped a second time from Bartow County Jail while serving time for my first escape.  Now I am currently serving time for that second escape in the most deadly dorm in the entire Georgia prison system.

Stanley Slater from the FBI in Atlanta is investigating the corruption and misconduct that surrounds my case in Bartow County however nobody is investigating why I am being held in such a dangerous location.

I am currently represented by Marcia Shein from Decatur, GA .  I had NO legal counsel for either of my two Pro Se jury trials for “Escape” in the Superior Court of Bartow County.  Judge Carey Nelson, cousin to sheriff Clark Millsap, allowed the elected sheriff to stand beside him – behind the bench during the entire trial. The judge made it clear that he supports the sheriff and refused to grant a hearing for change of venue due to my research regarding Bartow County officials and the drugs stolen from the evidence locker.  My defense was Coercion and Self Defense, but the judge refused to read the legal definition of coercion prior to deliberation.

Please help me find the appropriate person to determine if corruption from the GBI or sheriffs office infruenced my classification and housing assignment in the Georgia Dept. of Corrections.  I am at a prison that a National Geographic documentary called the most violent in Georgia and one of the worst in the nation.  Within that prison I am on the side reserved for discipline problems.

Thank you for your concern for honest justice.  Please do not allow the State of Georgia to kill me because I publish about police misconduct.  I am a father of 7 children and owner of a software development company.  (Internet search:XMLFoundation

Brian Aberle via contraband cell phone


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